Why do 41 year old famous university graduates who can speak three foreign languages cheat money with color? What led her astray

 Why do 41 year old famous university graduates who can speak three foreign languages cheat money with color? What led her astray

Solemn court, a silence.

On the dock, a middle-aged woman in her 40s was gaunt. In the face of the judge, she was tearful and constantly confessed: I am wrong, I plead guilty, I will pay for my actions... According to the prosecutors evidence, the woman pretended to be the daughter of the post-80s doctor Qinghua and the former ambassador to the United Nations and cheated Li Qiang, a 23-year-old master of Qinghua, of 50000 yuan for marriage, which constituted a crime

There was an uproar at the scene, and the questioning eyes turned to the dock again.

How do middle-aged women in their 40s pretend to be the post-80s generation? What funny stories happened between her and Tsinghua master? What kind of inspiration does this farce give us?

With a series of questions, our reporter interviewed the people in charge of Haidian District Procuratorate, court and other relevant officials in Beijing to restore a truth to you. Ambassador family

Why are you absent from your daughters wedding

On May 20, 2009, a hotel in Henan Province was very busy. Li Qiangs new marriage is a great joy, and his father Li Chengren is welcome outside. A guest came and bowed his hand to congratulate him: the eldest nephew married the daughter of a senior official. You are very good at teaching his son. You must drink two more glasses today. Li Chengren is welcome to take a seat. After a while, two leaders of the county also came, Lao Li, Ill introduce the ambassador to you in a moment, so that we can go with the wine. Li Chengrens face is full of flowers.

Six years ago, my son Li Qiang was admitted to a famous university, which really made my parents happy. Now, as a graduate student at Tsinghua University, he married the daughter of Qin, the former ambassador of China to the United Nations. How can his parents be unhappy?

At 11 oclock, the ceremony was about to begin, but the womens family was late, and everyone was looking forward to it and anxious. At this time, Qin ran, the bride, with her wedding dress in one hand and Kunbao in the other, quietly walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

In the hall, Li Qiangs mobile phone rang, and a middle-aged male voice came out: I am Qin Rans brother, because there is an important case under investigation, and the wedding cant go, you must be kind to Ran Ran and make her happy!

After a while, there was another call. The number showed that it was an international long-distance call. The voice of an old man was accompanied by a cough: I am Qin Rans mother. Because I am bedridden because of the cold, Qin Rans father is worried about me. I cant leave for a while, so we cant participate in your wedding ceremony... Li Qiang was unhappy, but the huge difference between the two families made him have to cater to them against his will.

Five minutes later, Qin ran came back, Li Qiang told him in detail. Qin ran was very unhappy, and his eyes were full of tears. Li Qiang comforted her repeatedly, saying that there was no mothers family, and that the wedding would be held

Different from ordinary weddings, this wedding is not only lively but also mixed with official flattery and family doubts.

After relatives and friends left, Qin ran immediately asked Li Qiang to give her all the money. Li Qiang frowned, but still explained mildly, it was given to my parents by my family and friends. How can we take it? Qin ran said with a sneer, I dont want anything when I get married. Why buy a diamond ring? Li Qiang turns to think that all the children of famous families are charming. Her money is nothing in her eyes. As long as she gets married, its no problem to send her to study abroad on the basis of their family relationship. So he persuaded his parents to take out the money.

At night, in the parents room. My mother said with a puzzled face, I always feel this marriage is strange. Do you think that even if the children of ordinary families get married, their parents will do something important. How can a noble family like Qin ran not attend their daughters wedding? Mother took a look at Li Qiang, and then said, Mom doesnt look like she is 26 years old. Although she has made up, the wrinkles on the corner of her eyes can still be seen...

Li Qiang was upset by his mothers words. After thinking about it, he also felt that Qin ran had something wrong, but what was the problem? He couldnt think of it for a while?

Back in the room and lying on the bed, Li Qiang began to recall the whole process of meeting Qin ran and trying to find out the answer

A dubious prelude to marriage

It goes back three months.

At about 5 p.m. on February 9, Li Qiang received a phone call from his classmates, inviting him to play cards together.

Arrived at the scene, in addition to two female students, there is a strange face. Wei Qian, a classmate, said, this is Qin ran, a senior sister. Now she is a doctor in the computer department of Tsinghua University. Li Qiang says hello with a smile. To his surprise, Qin ran spoke fluent English even when playing cards. Looking at the surprise on Li Qiangs face, Wei Qian said, envy me, elder martial sister not only knows English, but also Japanese and French. Another girl added: I tell you, elder martial sister Qin is from a famous family. She is the gold of the former ambassador to the United Nations.

Li Qiang paid homage to him. In his chat, Qin ran also praised Li Qiang, 24, for his handsome appearance and promising youth. If he had the chance to go abroad to gild, he would have a promising future.

At the end of the game, Qin ran invited Li Qiang to go out for a drink.

In a bar, the two talked like long lost friends. After three rounds of drinking, Qin ran told Li Qiang that she was 26 years old and single,

Then ask Li Qiang if he has a girlfriend. Li Qiang said he had a history of love, but broke up with his girlfriend after graduation. At this time, I saw Qin ran licking the red wine gently on the tip of his tongue, smiling at its charm, and Li Qiang felt numb.

In Li Qiangs eyes, Qin ran, though ordinary in appearance, is quite talented, and he can help himself to study at Stanford University in the United States. He is moved.

Maybe its driven by interests, maybe its courage to drink. On the way back, they hugged each other and kissed wildly. They opened a room in a nearby hotel.

The sudden love made Li Qiangs mind faint. Soon, the two lived together.

Just as Li Qiang was about to tighten his purse, an unexpected phone call made him nervous again.

However, the money did not satisfy Qin ran. One month later, Qin ran said that she was pregnant, and Li Qiang was determined to kill her. Qin ran disagreed. She said to Li Qiang, our family all disagreed with our association. If this child stays and cooks mature rice, they will definitely agree. But unmarried first child-bearing, which has a great impact on their student identity. Qin ran made another plan. We can get married first. After the wedding, we will be a family. Then they will accept you, and its not too late for them to do it again.

Soon, Li Qiangs parents came from his hometown in Henan Province. After a short contact, the old man gave 30000 yuan to the prospective daughter-in-law as a gift. The two sides agreed to return to their hometown in Henan Province to hold a wedding ceremony on May 20. But Li Qiang wanted to visit his parents in law several times, and Qin ran prevaricated him with his parents abroad.

In early May, Li Qiang held a banquet in Beijing to entertain his classmates on the grounds of marriage. This time, they received 11000 yuan, which naturally went into Qin Rans pocket. That night, Li Qiang received a call from Qin Rans mother, saying that his family had agreed to their marriage. In order not to affect the future, Li Qiang asked Qin ran to go to the hospital for an operation. Li Qiang is happy, but Qin ran just doesnt go to the hospital and insists on using abortion drugs.

Desire blindfolded him

The day after marriage, Qin ran proposed to return to Beijing, and Li qiangshun followed.

However, after returning to Beijing, Qin ran moved out of Li Qiangs room on the same day for the reason that he should concentrate on the subjects of the Institute. In the face of staying overnight, Li Qiang was unhappy and felt like a gift. However, he understood that as long as he did not get a marriage license, he would not be protected by law. So Li Qiang began to ask Qin ran, when will I get the marriage certificate? Qin ran showed great importance: we must find a good day.

Choose to choose to go, also did not pick out this important day. Qin Rans various ways made Li Qiang feel bad. Thinking from left to right, another question flooded into my mind: why does Qin family call every time, she is not present?

Li Qiang has no sleep all night.

All kinds of signs show that Qin Ran has a secret. On the same day, Li Qiang found her classmate Wei Qian and asked about her acquaintance with Qin ran. Wei Qian said they met at the gate of Tsinghua University in the winter of 2008, when Qin ran asked her for the address of a restaurant and left a phone call. Although they played cards together twice later, Qin ran called her every time, and they didnt have much contact.

After learning about Li Qiangs doubts, Wei Qian came up with an idea and said, shes from Tsinghua, too. We can go to the computer department directly to find out.

However, they asked all the doctoral supervisors in the computer department and said that there was no student named Qin ran. After discussing with his classmates, Li Qiang decided to call the police!

After receiving the report, the police soon found Qin ran in a restaurant in Haidian District

After Qin ran was arrested, the police informed Li Qiang and his classmates of his true identity: Wang Yun, 41, a Guizhou native, graduated from Fudan University in 1989. In 2002, he was detained for four months for the crime of fraud; in 2007, he was sentenced to one year and five months for falsely claiming to help others defraud abroad. That is to say, when Wang Yun met Li Qiang, he was just released after his sentence.

People dont understand why Wang Yun, who graduated from Fudan University and can speak three foreign languages, swindled money with color? What led her astray and further away?

Its more painful to be cheated

In the police station, facing the interrogation of the police, Wang Yun confided his sad past.

I was born in a peasant family in Guizhou Province, and I was admitted to Fudan University in Shanghai in 1985. Because the family is poor, often see the Shanghai girls showy appearance, dont mention much envy. In order to buy a beautiful dress, I had to work part-time... Wang Yun said that it was because of doing tutoring that she destroyed her originally beautiful life.

At this time, she was six months pregnant. Because her family could not accept her unmarried first child, soon after her daughter was born, she took her child to Nanjing. With excellent foreign language ability, Wang Yun soon entered a foreign-funded enterprise.

When her daughter was 6 years old, she was refused by the school because she had no household registration. Wang Yun heard that it costs 100000 yuan to apply for household registration in Nanjing. At this time, she had saved 90000 yuan, and was worried about 10000 yuan, but once again fell into an emotional crisis. A graduate student of Normal University, handsome and masculine, is very good to her and her daughter, and hopes to get along well with her for a hundred years. Just when Wang Yun was once again in love, the man took away all her savings

Two emotional swindles completely changed Wang Yun. She hated men and swore revenge.

In September 2000, Wang Yun came to Beijing and began to use his special skills to win the trust of highly educated men. At that time, going abroad was hot. In the name of being able to go through the formalities for studying in Europe, she collected 10000 yuan from Zhang several times. As a result, he was detained for four months for the crime of fraud. The first miss didnt wake her up completely. In 2007, Wang Yun was sentenced to one year and five months for falsely claiming that he was suspected of fraud in helping people to go abroad.

In the winter of 2008, Wang Yun was released from prison. After knowing Wei Qian, she made up her identity and said that she was the daughter of Chinas former ambassador to the United Nations. On February 9, when there was a lack of one in three card games, Li Qiang came in time. Wang Yun thought that the young man was handsome, and he was eager to go abroad for further study. Therefore, she deliberately shows her English talent, raises her identity appropriately, and advocates that her family is rich and powerful. As a result, Li Qiang, blindfolded by desire, easily took the bait. So, a ridiculous farce is staged, which makes people laugh and cry.

On November 10, 2009, Wang Yun case was tried in Haidian District Peoples Court of Beijing.

In court, Wang Yun pleaded guilty to the prosecutors proof. When the judge asked him how to pretend to be a 26-year-old girl, Wang Yun replied: because of my younger appearance, I have met many college students, most of whom are in their 20s. When they ask me about my age, Ill let them guess, and they all think Im about 25. Im surprised, but happy. After that, when I was asked about my age, I said, 26 years old...

When the judge asked how to explain the phone call from the so-called mother and brother, Wang Yun replied truthfully: it was all imitated by me alone. Ive found my specialty in this field since Ive been in prison several times before. I can imitate all kinds of voices of men and old ladies without a voice changer. In order to prove his specialty, Wang Yun sang in court: they say that he is a flower, and flowers are not as good as him. They say he is a dream. How many people have chased him... The tone is thick, which is exactly the voice of a middle-aged man.

On December 1, 2009, Haidian court sentenced Wang Yun to two years imprisonment for fraud.

(the characters in the article are pseudonyms)

Expert comments

Xie Jichun (consultant of Beijing cuckoo psychological consulting center)

Wang Yun from a victim of emotional deception to a deceiver, who or what makes her end in prison? On the face of it, her first two misdemeanors were the direct cause. But if we carefully analyze it, we will find that there is almost no difference in the probability of each human feeling hurt or meeting a Cheater - there is always a group of people in the society, but how to deal with the hurt, whether they will be cheated or not, and whether they will cheat others in turn after being cheated, the result is quite different, and to a large extent depends on the victims themselves.

People who have the ability of self reflection will not simply blame external events, but see their own internal deficiencies and defects through events. People who are cheated have the mentality of taking advantage of the advantages, being greedy and getting something for nothing, so the swindlers have the possibility to take advantage of the situation. Only when we are deeply aware of this, can the experience of being cheated be transformed into the valuable experience of personal growth. Just blaming the swindlers will only make the role of their victims more and more intense, and the psychological imbalance will become more and more unbalanced, which will lead to strong compensation and revenge.

Wang Yun and Li Qiang should take the main responsibility for being cheated. Li Qiang is at least wise to take legal measures to solve the problem after being cheated. However, it is a pity that Wang Yun did not learn anything positive from the previous setbacks, including the punishment of the law. Her mentality is basically broken, full of distortion and revenge, perhaps also mixed with the extreme desire for emotion. She was not a bad person, but was subject to the limitations of her own, in the wrong way to let herself fall into the trap of greater mistakes.