I advise you to be careful. The online red project has paralyzed people

 I advise you to be careful. The online red project has paralyzed people

Kiki, they play the first.

It can be seen from the surveillance video that Kikis body flipped in the air after being bounced up, and then she fell head down into the sea ball, maybe touching the bottom of the sea ball pool. She was bounced up slightly and then lay in the pool, unable to move.

After that, my cousin and boyfriend came to check the situation immediately and lifted Qi out of the pool. At that time, they may not know the seriousness of the situation. In addition, they did not have the experience to deal with it, and the posture of lifting Qi was not correct.

Qi Qi said she was numb when she was carried out, and according to her medical knowledge, she might have hurt her thoracic vertebra.

(picture from: our video of Beijing News)

After being sent to the hospital, Qiqi was diagnosed as complete paraplegia. The doctor said Qiqi was seriously injured. Although the operation was very smooth, the later stage of rehabilitation treatment would be very long and the cost would not be estimated.

After the tragedy, Qiqis family members said that the venue was very informal and only signed an agreement on safety instructions when entering the venue.

The agreement requires that before entering the site for the first time, safety instructions shall be received or safety videos shall be watched.

But Qiqis cousin said that there were no safety tips, no precautions and no teaching of how to play.

After the accident, he and Qiqis boyfriend first went to pick up Qiqi. When Qiqi said she was numb, the security officer said it was OK. Everyone played like this. Just a moment later.

The venue said that Qi Qi was reminded of incorrect posture at that time, but they did not listen.

Even so, the venue still can not escape the main responsibility, because the netizens carefully watched the video found that in fact, there are not many sea balls in the ocean pool, and the soft ones should not be used at the bottom.

Qiqis family said that Qiqi graduated from Hubei University of traditional Chinese medicine and now works as an intern in a hospital.

Qiqi has no medical insurance for employees and residents, no personal insurance, and more than 30000 savings at home. However, at present, she has spent more than 100000 days in hospital. She has no choice but to ask for help from her relatives and friends.

At that time, they mediated in the police station, and the sports hall paid 5000 yuan.

Qiqis family said they would sue for rights protection to the end.

The owner of the sports hall later said that they had bought insurance and the insurance company would be responsible for the compensation.

In fact, there are many injuries in trampoline hall or playing some tennis red events.

Hu of Shijiazhuang once played a climbing project in a trampoline factory.

No coach was there, and no one told her how to jump. Without realizing the danger, she jumped straight from the climbing wall into the sponge pool below.

(source: todays information)

When she jumped down, she heard a rattle on her spine, and then she couldnt move.

After the examination, there were a series of complications in the twelve fracture of the thoracic vertebrae. The spine was opened, and four nails were driven in. The wound was startling.

Trampoline hall also bought insurance, but the maximum amount of insurance is only 10000. But Ms. Hu spent more than 40000 days in hospital.

But even if there is economic compensation, how to repair the permanent physical and psychological trauma.

It seems to be fun and relaxing. I cant think of any security risks.

But Xiaoyuan in Fuzhou was injured.

Because the clothes provided by the merchants are stuck in the crotch, and the wall and clothes are not sticky enough, at that time, she jumped up but was not stuck, but stumbled and fell down. At that time, she felt a pain in her lower body.

In fact, there are some hidden dangers in many online Red Square pavilions. Some reporters have visited them secretly and found that most of the coaches in them have no qualifications and ignore the safety of customers.

The equipment in the shop is faulty, and they also repair it by themselves. Its so arbitrary.

Remember last years event of death caused by the net red plank road and playground slide? No one will think about the bad aspect until there is nothing wrong with the facilities, but once there is an accident, it is the death of death and the injury of injury.

I think no family can accept such consequences. The first second is still alive, and the second after that, the man and the nature are always separated or lying on the hospital bed filled with tubes, waiting for the unknown results with fear or even despair.

Every time there are online Red projects coming out, they will be frequently swiped on the social platform. For those who like to play, challenge and enjoy new things, these projects must be tried. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this.

But we also know that even if we are well prepared, we will not be able to completely avoid the tragedy, because there are always some unscrupulous and unscrupulous businessmen who just start projects to make money. As for the life safety of tourists, they dont care at all. When something goes wrong, they want to shirk their responsibilities and minimize the compensation and loss.

If you later find that there are such and such problems in some venues, you must remember to expose or report them. You cant allow such businesses to circle money, and you cant let innocent people get hurt any more.