Asthma students get corporal punishment? Im vomiting blood

 Asthma students get corporal punishment? Im vomiting blood

From the picture, the school uniform, shoes and toilet paper are all scarlet bloodstains, shocking.

The mother of the child said that the doctor immediately rescued the child after medical treatment. Later, the child was hospitalized and had a high fever for more than ten consecutive days. The condition did not improve, and even caused complications. The childs nervous system was damaged and his hands began to tremble.

However, even if it caused such a disaster to the children, Liu, the executioner, was still teaching on the stage half a year after the incident, which not only did not affect her, but also did not even pay compensation.

Miss Liu, the culprit, is a scum who doesnt deserve to appear in the ranks of teachers: she not only physically punishes students, but also often stands, squats, fines, and even charges her family 60000 yuan for taking care of children;

In half a year of the incident, she searched all the response channels, but there was no way to complain, so she had to post her story on Weibo in order to attract more attention, but later, Miss Lius abnormal behavior became more unbridled:

Miss Liu began to follow her, ambushed near her home, not only attacked her where there was no monitoring, even threatened her not to call the police, her face was also scratched with blood

She said that she was just an ordinary asthmatic mother. She had no choice but to ask netizens to protect herself.

The picture of this microblog is very shocking. The bloody school uniform and the little girls pitiful bottle making soon attracted the attention of netizens.

Soon, the second information number appeared. He claimed to be the parent of the girls male classmates. He exposed that the teacher not only physically punished the students to beat the parents, but also molested his son. The child dare not say, and she did not know how to protect her rights.

Asthmatic children are fined ten laps to wipe out their childrens dream of violin, threaten their parents, once molested boys, and protected by relevant departments

Its not only the teachers morality, but also some behaviors that have touched the red line of the law. Its a tragedy integrating privileges, violence and sex. Its disgusting. Childrens Day is coming soon. Whats wrong with the victims? Whats wrong with children?

Seeing this, netizens were very worried, and forwarded it to the public security and education departments of Aite one after another, seeking a statement, which reached more than one million yuan.

In a sea of rage, one or two people raised their own questions.

Some netizens said that the blood color was too fake, the violin situation might be exaggerated, and the beating situation of the parents was slightly strange.

(source: @ Wutong petals)

It was also pointed out that there was a problem with the case presented by the mother, because there was no asthma written in the past history, and now it is only the description of cough with bloodshot in the history, which is not consistent with the large bloodstains in the picture - the normal bloodshed should be dark red, and the bright red is generally the result of the rupture of the great arteries.

There are also doctors who point out politely that childrens hemoptysis is not due to running asthma, and the color of blood stains should not be so bright, all of which need to be discussed.

But soon, these reasonable conjectures were spurred back by many people.

The lighter said they had no ability to think;

In particular, we found the doctors microblog in question, and made a lot of criticism and verbal humiliation:

When everything was in a mess, the public security police in Baiyun District of Guangzhou issued a notice at two oclock in the middle of the night (it was very late, hard police uncles):

To sum up, there are three points:

1. The child has no asthma, spitting blood is fake, and the red liquid in the picture is mixed with cosmetics and water;

2. The hospital did not rescue, the teacher did not hit, confiscated 60000 yuan;

3. Parents ask the water army to hype.

u2026u2026 Even collecting 60000 yuan is made up, so its needless to say who the nickname is and what the purpose is.

In a physical education class in December, Mr. Liu asked the girl to run. After running, the child had a normal class and was picked up by the parents after school. After returning home, the parents said that the child was not comfortable and took the child to see a doctor.

Soon, the parents complained about the school. After the school investigation, it took punishment measures against Mr. Liu and tried to contact the parents. However, the parents were not willing to communicate face to face in any case. After the school repeatedly apologized, the three parties sat on the negotiation table to discuss.

Parents asked the school to help their children transfer to an international primary school, and the school did so, but somehow on January 8, the parents suddenly repented.

The school immediately reported it to the Education Bureau. After investigation by the Education Bureau, Miss Liu did let her children run in PE class for violating class rules. In half an hour, the child walked and stopped for 9 laps, and then went back to class. But in the next two classes, she didnt feel sick until she was picked up from school.

There was no asthma, the child violated discipline, and the teacher punished him for running. It took half an hour to walk and stop for 9 laps.

It may be a little too much, but it cant reach the severity of asking teachers to leave the teaching team.

So the school criticized and educated the teacher according to the school rules and dealt with her.

All the investigations are clear, but the results of the Ministry of education can not satisfy the parents. She is not only emotional in the Bureau of education, smashing flowerpots, abusing schools, but also threatening schools and teachers

When parents change their wechat avatar into a teachers photo and make a lot of comments in the class, they can do a lot of vicious things

She admitted that she hired a psychic head teacher. In the early morning, she called her teacher to harass her and vowed to destroy her family

She not only posted Mr. Lius photos on her microblog, but also printed this insulting T-shirt, which even exposed Mr. Lius home address and phone number, clearly wanting him to be exposed on the Internet.

The goal of the parents is clear: to break her family, to break her reputation, and to return 60000 yuan that does not exist to herself.

(picture from: knowing DDL, seeing me as Bush)

If you cant reach your goal of asking for money, you have to intimidate the teachers, slander the school, make up the facts, and be hysterical. You dont hesitate to give your children asthma and vomiting blood. Is this mother and her daughters human blood steamed bread delicious?

She did not only harm herself, but also thousands of people who helped her defend her rights.

A giant baby farce came to an end. Let alone: how can innocent children enter school in the future? Will children and new teachers have a bad heart? Teacher Lius photo name has been exposed. How should she work in the future? Social love value company is consumed, will it help next time?

Baiyun Public Security Bureau in Guangzhou announced this afternoon that the stinking mother would like to be detained because of provocation. Please, listen to the police uncle: the Internet is not a place outside the law!

However, the more worrying fact is that, even if the truth is revealed, the police refuted the rumors of micro blog forwarding, less than a third of the rumors of micro blog

Rumor a mouth, refute rumor run broken leg, nothing new in the sun.

Remember when a girls eyes were jammed with notes? Remember the case of Tang Xue? Remember the innocent Deng haoxuan?

Now looking back, its very reasonable to question the blood color, the relationship between asthma and blood coat, the exposure of the teachers photos, and the case fraud. But in the past, when the crowd was excited, you dare to question, which means that you stand on the opposite side of the mainstream voice, and you have to accept the insult and speculation.

After a hurricane, there are few people willing to admit their scolding. Who will apologize to the teacher, the doctor and the doubter?

I think of a movie called hunting.

Even after the girl told the truth, Lucas was still under the shadow of malice, the gap between his friends appeared, and he was still treated with colored glasses.

And this will never stop because of his innocence.

Maybe Miss Liu is not the perfect victim this time, but what she needs to bear is the punishment of punishing the students to run, rather than the price of being harassed, threatened and exaggerated.

Stinky mothers know how to use public opinion to stir up confusion, and the reason for this method is not only that groups are easily incited, but also that people naturally stand on the side of the weak, regardless of the fact, regardless of the truth, regardless of the doubt, regardless of the fact.

Because they are afraid of becoming the weak next time, because most of them will be parents, and few of them will be teachers, because of human nature, they are curious, corrupt, and black - loving - and because many people dont want to know the whole picture, they are more willing to join in the fun.


The rumor maker has paid the legal responsibility. What about the onlookers?

Turn the original blog, but not the reverse Weibo to turn it, see the truth is not disgraceful;

Scolded the doctor, scolded the doubter, and consciously said too much to Miss Liu. Apologize and admit your mistake without shame.

There is a saying that never goes out of fashion: let bullets fly for a while.