My girlfriend is too lazy to do housework. Should I break up?

 My girlfriend is too lazy to do housework. Should I break up?

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My girlfriend and I started living together years ago, but I found that although I love her, I really cant live with her anymore.

Because she didnt do any housework, she could work at home during the worst period of the epidemic, so she slept late.

And I have to go to work in the company. I make breakfast every day after I get up, or Ill go out and buy breakfast and put it on the table until she wakes up.

At noon, she basically ordered takeout. In the evening, I went to buy vegetables. Most of the time, I cooked. Occasionally, she did it.

Several times when I had to go out after dinner, I wiped the table and put the pots and pans in the pool first, but later she came home and found that she didnt even wash them.

In normal times, she hardly mops the floor at home. She has to wait for the weekend, then she takes a broom and makes a few gestures, and then she lets me mop the floor.

She is an only child, and her family conditions are not bad. Maybe her parents have been doting on her since childhood.

The point is that although she seems to be joking all day, she actually believes that her husband has to earn money to support her family,

The key is to talk about womens rights, always saying that men and women are equal now, and men have to do housework together, saying that she is not the kind of stupid woman willing to be a housewife.

I never wanted her to be a full-time housewife. Now that its 2020, small couples should do housework together.

We live together for half a year now. Its really hard for me to live with her like this for a lifetime.

Then I talked about it with her recently. She felt that I didnt love her enough until I lived together for a long time.

She also said that she has never done housework since she was a child. She thinks that I am a man and that women should do housework. She thinks that I want to treat her as a housewife.

I really dont know how to communicate with her. I also said her so-called housework, thats all.

I even think shes a little sick. Do you think shes really too lazy and irresponsible, or do I say too much?

Your girlfriend is really lazy, and the princess is sick.

In my opinion, when we do housework together, we shouldnt care about who should do what.

If you are free to do it together, you should not care who has done how much today, because the family is for two people.

Who wants to do it first? The purpose is not to leave some time for two people to sit together for a while.

This point is willing to pay for each others hearts are not, that other details of life, will be even more haggard each other.

But dont open your mouth and think of breaking up, but the responsibility can never be carried by yourself forever.

Its better to look for opportunities, talk to each other and share your thoughts.

But if she still puts on the attitude of being superior and the princess is ill, then you should turn your face hard.

If she doesnt wake up, even if you dont love her and dare to kill her, she will be so spoiled by you that she has no feeling of emotional crisis.

At this time, you should be more firm and do not give in. Its up to you to wake her up and live with your normal sense of responsibility.

If she is in a bad temper and threatens to break up, please let her go. She is very ill and incurable. Why continue to torture each other.