US media: Russia delivers 10 MIG 29 to Syria, which can match Turkeys F-16

 US media: Russia delivers 10 MIG 29 to Syria, which can match Turkeys F-16

Reported that Russia and Syria confirmed that two groups of advanced MiG-29 fighters had started fighting on June 1. A source told the defense world that the number of these fighters is between six and 10. Although Russia and Syria did not disclose the specific number and model of fighters, from various sources, the number of each batch of fighters should be five.

MiG-29 fighter

Defense world quoted SANA news agency of Syria as saying that these fighters are advanced MiG-29 fighters upgraded through modernization. The Russian Embassy in Syria confirmed on June 3 that Russia has delivered MiG-29 fighters to Syria. Within the framework of defense cooperation between the two countries, the Syrian army has received the second batch of MiG-29 from Russia, and Syria has begun to use these fighters to carry out tasks.

Reported that since last year, Syria has not sent MiG-29 fighters to carry out conventional combat tasks, leading to speculation that many of them have flown to Russia for modernization and upgrading. Syria is equipped with about 19 mig-29smt fighters. On March 5 this year, a Syrian army MiG-29 crashed after taking off, killing its pilot.

It is worth noting that, in time for Turkeys attack on Idlib Province, Syria did not dispatch MiG-29, but only deployed older SU-24 fighter bombers, two of which were also shot down by Turkeys F-16 fighters.

The modernized MiG-29 fighter may be equipped with a new type of fly by wire control system, radar, helmet aiming / display system, safety communication and self-defense equipment and advanced weapon control system, which can more effectively use air and heavy weapons. According to the report, the combat capability of the upgraded MiG-29 fighter is comparable to that of the F-16 series fighters of Turkey and Israel. The MiG-29 can also transmit the information of enemy aircraft to the S-300 air defense missile system.

Previously, the U.S. Africa command issued a notice that the MIG -29 fighters flying to Syria went to Libya after the transition, but so far there is no evidence that the fighters went to Libya.

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