infatuated! He is the best good predecessor, ghost director, married 15-year-old junior sister after four multilateral loves

 infatuated! He is the best good predecessor, ghost director, married 15-year-old junior sister after four multilateral loves

Whether its Zhang Mazi in let the bullets fly, blue green peak in evil never oppress, or horse walking day in one step away, Jiang Wen always gives people the impression of being a bit of a fool.

Therefore, he is called the devil, not a madman does not survive.

But when we look at the works directed by Jiang Wen, people always wonder, what does Jiang Dadou really want to express through this story?

Long Yingtai once said that Jiang Wen is one of the most influential performers in the mainland, who has a sharp vision and unique creation.

Wang Shuo also said that China needs such a person. When you dont feel pain or itch, he can always give you a needle.

It never occurred to me that this rough man with big eyes and round eyes was still a lover. He had four multilateral loves.

Therefore, Jiang Wen is not only a talent, but also a prodigal.

[02] ex boyfriend

On June 20, 2002, a generation of superstar Liu Xiaoqing was arrested for tax issues. At that time, everyone in the circle was eager to get rid of her relationship so as not to be affected or implicated.

Only Jiang Wen came forward to raise funds to hire four lawyers for her, Xu Lanting, Qian Liyang, Li Xiaolin and Zhang Qingsong. The lineup is not luxurious.

In the end, Jiang Wen was also the guarantor before he was released on bail.

It is worth mentioning that Jiang Wen was married at that time and had no contact with Liu Xiaoqing for 8 years. Just because there was such a predestination, and it was an unhappy way to break up.

So Jiang Wen also won the title of best good predecessor.

Jiang Wen said, if I dont help you, who else can help you?!

Since then, the two have become friends. At the 70th anniversary ceremony of Shangying, Jiang Wen and Liu Xiaoqing hugged each other with a smile.

But at the beginning, their emotional experience was really extraordinary.

[03] young people are wasted

At that time, Liu Xiaoqing, 31, was a household name and well-known overseas.

Therefore, the love between brother and sister caused a sensation in the whole entertainment circle, not only because of their fame, but also because Liu Xiaoqing has a family.

At that time, many people thought that it was Jiang Wen who took a fancy to Liu Xiaoqings resources and had a suspicion of leaning against him. But many years later, Liu Xiaoqing revealed on the program that she really appreciated Jiang Wens talent and that the young Jiang Wen was very attractive to men.

So, when Jiang Wen said he wanted to be a director, Liu Xiaoqing ran around for him. Even his parents and sisters money was used by Liu Xiaoqing to help Jiang Wen make movies.

In 1993, Jiang Wens first film sunny days came to the public. As soon as the film was released, it became popular all over the country and won 11 awards including Venice International Film Festival, Golden Horse Award for best film, and best actor and actress.

However, this year, another woman came into Jiang Wens vision. She was the serenity of Milan in sunny.

Those who often pay attention to tranquility know that she is a woman who dares to love and hate. Although Liu Xiaoqing and Jiang Wen are in love, she bravely expresses her love for Jiang Wen and successfully forces Jiang and Liu to break up.

But Liu Xiaoqing is not willing to concede, so at a suitable opportunity, Liu Xiaoqing gives some measures to let a French girl named Sandlin meet Jiang Wen for the first time. Naturally, she is also attracted by Jiang Wens temperament.

At that time, in 1995, there was a gathering of celebrities from the literary and art circles in Beijing. Jiang Wen did not like the bustle, and she was alone in a daze.

Two years later, Jiang Wen and sang Delin got married and had a daughter, but the marriage lasted only a few years. Just itch, its broken.

04 women have a kind of beauty called Zhou Yun

In the films directed by Jiang Wen, there are two kinds of women: Zhou Yun and other women.

Including Xu Qings amazing beauty, in front of Zhou Yun, also had to lower his head. She has both the beauty of Oriental women and the unbridled wild horse, and her brilliant desire is directed to the peoples heart.

In 2001, Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun got to know each other for the movie heroes of heaven and earth. Zhou Yun was 15 years younger than him. He had won the beauty contest, and his temperament was outstanding.

Then, the scandal between the two men came to the surface. But Jiang Wen had not been divorced at that time, so all of a sudden, the spear was directed at Zhou Yun. All of a sudden, it was the condemnation of her.

Jiang Wen cant bear to bear such a curse. Facing the media, he said:

It has nothing to do with her. She is not a third party. My wife and I have already separated. I love her. Its all my fault. Please dont hurt her.

So in 2005, Jiang Wen and sang Delin divorced and married Zhou Yun in the same year. During that time, they had two sons. In a flash, they had worked together for 15 years.

In the past 15 years, Jiang Wen has devoted all her love and efforts to Zhou Yun, showing her beauty to the audience in various ways.

She is lucky to meet him. Only he can discover her beauty.

He met her, is happy, she gave him a warm family, cover his exile, cover his frost. Since then, the years have been quiet and good.

[05] ginger big head

He has an unusual thinking. He doesnt play according to the routine, but he can be positive or evil. His works are profound, with high social criticism, but leave no trace.

This is a kind of ability. Seeing mountains is not mountains, painting horses is not like horses.

As for his feelings, he always steps on the edge every time, but he doesnt let himself fall down every time, so its not right if you say hes a bad guy.

And, as a predecessor, he is grateful for the gifts of the past, and his predecessor, there is no lack of praise for him.

This is Jiang Wen in my eyes. Hes brilliant and doesnt stick to one style.


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