After Zhao Liying became a mother, she revealed her daily fitness routine: Feng Shaofeng once worried about gain and loss for love

 After Zhao Liying became a mother, she revealed her daily fitness routine: Feng Shaofeng once worried about gain and loss for love

In the photo, Zhao Liying shows her muscle lines, thin but extremely powerful, which makes us not think that this is a new Baoma.

And less than a year after childbirth, Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo quickly came back to shoot the TV play there is a jade. Now they are doing amazing body management, even more attractive than before the birth of a baby, and let netizens call out Zhao Liying, what are you doing this?

When it comes to Zhao Liying, spell is a verb that runs through her life.

Her ambition is clear, once said: do not let me seize the opportunity, once have, I will not let go. However, since her marriage to Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying, her third wife, has been losing her reputation and increasing the number of divorces.

But let others evaluate her, no matter her feelings or her career, Zhao Liying knows her direction from beginning to end, and works hard to be better.

The opposite of success is not failure, but lack of spelling

The origin of stars can be roughly divided into two types: one is born with a golden spoon, full of resources and opportunities, and the whole way of performing arts is smooth; the other is without a prominent family background, more professional accumulation, and endless frustrations on the way of performing arts.

Zhao Liying was born in the countryside. Her family was very cold. She was a farmer for generations. But in the countryside where boys are more important than girls, Zhao Liying had never been despised by her father. Although her younger brother was born later, Zhao Liying did not feel any fall in love at home.

Perhaps because of this, Zhao Liying cherished her younger brother very much and hoped that he could get a better education. Because of the restriction of family economic conditions, she chose to go to the society after graduating from secondary school.

And Star is her only choice. Zhao Liying decided that she would never give up if she didnt achieve a goal. Finally, she won the title in the 2006 Yahoo search star competition and officially started her acting career.

With nothing left, she began to do chores, perform as a group, run like a dragon, study hard, perform hard

In golden wedding, play Duo Duo.

In the ancient costume drama the sky is high, she plays the gentle linger.

Play Wenyan in lock Qingqiu.

Play Xing Xiuyan in a new dream of Red Mansions.

Because of a small role, she can wait all the time,

Because of a small problem, she can practice hard

02 who says that a woman should depend on a man all her life

After the fire, Zhao Liying didnt stay here because of the temporary scenery, but chose to work harder and start her peak life as an actor.

In 365 days of a year, she never stops filming and working, which not only realizes her dream, but also has a deeper pursuit in her career.

Tracing back to her role, most of them are humble but live out their own big mistress. Isnt that her own in the mirror? I dont want you to see that the female characters in TV dramas are always stuck in love and love. They are always attached to men for the sake of mens intrigue, Zhao Liying said in a star speech. I would like to bring them the role of women with rich ideas and active pursuit of their beliefs, which can inspire them to be themselves and inspire them to have higher pursuit.

In the face of her career, Zhao Liying has always been clear about her purpose and what she wants. In her best years, Zhao Liying inputs her works crazily, burns her passion heartily, and tries her best to realize her value.

She also indirectly expressed her view of love and marriage.

03 I like you and believe you are two different things

When it comes to Zhao Liyings emotional experience, we are impressed by a few paragraphs.

The first paragraph is her first love before the draft, when she was only 19 years old. But the relationship didnt last for a long time, she found her boyfriends cell phone chat with other girls, and recognized the fact that her boyfriend was ambivalent

Zhao Liying attaches great importance to feelings and is also practical. She has determined who is naturally taking out his heart and lungs. Therefore, facing emotional infidelity is a great blow to her, and it is also a matter that can not be tolerated.

So she decided to break up, and also said in the interview, I like you and believe you are two different things. if the other person is not sincere enough, then she will decisively withdraw from this relationship.

Sober as Zhao Liying, no depravity, no despair, but with the power of pain to make her work harder to pursue her dream, to set a firm goal at the best age, and to achieve a better self.

Zhao Liyings other great love is Chen Xiao who cooperates with Lu Zhen legend. Although they have never admitted their love, the public seems to have recognized that even after two people get married in succession, they still believe that they love each other best.

And in these years, there are always people who prove the authenticity of xiaoyingcp. Even Yuzheng, a famous screenwriter, is always making speeches around the corner, arousing the reverie of netizens.

However, no matter how sweet they used to be or how regrettable it seemed to outsiders, the fact is that they are married and happy for two lives. No matter in this relationship, who is the injured one or the one they love more, the story has ended. Even though Chen Xiao lost her light in the eyes of misunderstanding after her marriage, Zhao Liying still keeps on shining on the way forward.

Zhao Liying is an emotional person, but for her, disappointment, pain and inability to extricate themselves do not bring hope, happiness and better results.

So she was always awake, always realistic, and she also chose the right person in the end.

The sweet and bitter wine of marriage is known only to those who drink it

Zhao Liying finally chose Feng Shaofeng, who has cooperated with her in several plays. After their gossip spread for a long time, the two men simply proved their love by publishing their marriage certificates and officially announced their marriage.

But in fact, Feng Shaofengs cup of love wine is sweet or bitter. The love crystal shoes he handed in dont fit well, only Zhao Liying knows the most.

In Zhao Liyings heart, Feng Shaofeng is just a man who can give her peace, family warmth, belonging and love.

Perhaps in our eyes, a woman who gains a sense of security by her career achievements, if she finds a reliable man, she will retire and enjoy the safe happiness.

However, Zhao Liyings time from marriage to childbirth to recovery is short and urgent, which makes people worry about her happiness and even doubt her marriage.

But we only forget that Zhao Liying has a kind of strength deep into her heart. She never depends on anyone, nor easily compromises to fate.

Visiting Zhao Liying, walking hand in hand in the middle of the night, the latest gossip news has proved to us again and again that they are still very happy. Even on the adventure life program, Feng Shaofeng confessed that he asked Zhao Liying whether he loved him or not, and whether he chose himself only because it was time to get married.

It is clear that this worry about gain and loss is more like Zhao Liyings worry, so netizens once joked that their husband and wife must have taken the wrong script. But in fact, if you think about it carefully, you can understand it.

Zhao Liying is a woman who, on the one hand, is influenced by her original family. She is self reliant in urination, and on the other hand, she is stubborn and never gives up. In the face of feelings will not compromise, in the face of marriage naturally calm restraint.

Although there are so many people not optimistic about her marriage, not optimistic about Feng Shaofeng, so what?

Because she, always sober know, rely on their own strong ability to love more free and easy, live more gas.

I hope every woman can enjoy the sweetness of life and the beauty of love by herself, and never lose the ability to pursue herself.

Always warm, always persistent.

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