Huawei 5g automobile module is officially commercial, and the mass production model is about to land

 Huawei 5g automobile module is officially commercial, and the mass production model is about to land

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BYD said that Huaweis 5g technology will make the dipilot car borne system of Han more convenient to operate. According to the introduction, dipilot is an intelligent driving aid system, which supports automatic emergency braking aid system, forward collision warning system, adaptive cruise, single lane integrated cruise, traffic congestion assistance, lane departure warning system, lane keeping system, blind area detection, automatic parking, panoramic image, remote driving and other functions.

Last April, Huawei presented the industrys first 5g car module mh5000. It is reported that the module is developed based on Huawei 5g multi-mode terminal chip Baron 5000 and integrates the c-v2x (cellular car coupling) technology of vehicle road cooperation, which can help intelligent transportation and automatic driving.

In the 4G era, the vehicle and machine system has been able to conduct navigation and real-time transfer of location, providing basic information services for drivers. 5g high-speed rate and low time delay make this connectivity stronger, making cars and people, cars and cars, cars and road facilities, cars and networks more widely connected, so as to achieve a higher level of automatic driving, safe driving and intelligent traffic planning.

In May 2019, Huawei established the intelligent vehicle solution bu. The official position of this department is to provide customers with ICT parts and solutions of smart cars and help car companies build good cars with the end-to-end business responsibility subject in the field of smart cars.

In short, Huawei does not build cars, but takes advantage of its own advantages in the field of communication to aim at the incremental market of car networking. Unlike bat, Huaweis main focus is on the hardware, not the software, needed by car couplet.

At present, Huawei is developing 5g automobile communication equipment and cloud computing services for automatic driving, and has carried out technical cooperation with more than 30 vehicle factories, including SAIC, GAC, BYD and other manufacturers.

In addition to bringing the 5G vehicle module to the market, HUAWEIs intelligent vehicle solution HiCar will soon be launched.

According to the official introduction, Huawei hicar is a car phone interconnection scheme with smart phones as the core. Users can operate the car phone system through mobile phones, and provide additional functions such as collision prevention. At present, the HUAWEI Hicar has been basically confirmed, and has entered the final commissioning stage. This year, it is expected to enter the market.

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