You are not interested in you, but you are still eager to tell

 You are not interested in you, but you are still eager to tell

Its to attack each other so that you can die completely,

Its just waiting for you to fall in love,

Or try to move on,

Convince yourself to let go of each other?

Standing at the intersection of confession,

How to choose?

Some people shouted loudly I love you but were declined. Some people had already confessed that they would only distribute dog food on the roof again, but anyway, the courage and pure desire for love of the children in the video made people moved.

However, the children after 00 in Japan dare to declare their love loudly on the roof, but the Chinese uncles and aunts after 90 million still love is hard to open in their hearts.

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Whats more sad is that many of us dont even have the people we love. Even if we have the people we love, we may never have the courage to show this love. Many people will always bury their feelings in their hearts and intend to turn it into a secret forever.

Seeing the childrens candor and bravery in the video makes us blush, because many people in our lives may not be able to summon such courage in their lives.

Expressionism may be an independent discipline.

Imagine how complicated it is to express love: it takes time, place, people and courage to say romantic words that people dare not to say in their dreams. It also needs to consider the scale of expression, make a good plan and design a good form.

However, the first question that this subject needs to answer, and the premise of all the above forms of expression, is whether I want to express it or not?

And what this article wants to explore is a very sad situation - that is, knowing that confession will be rejected, but still struggling to express themselves.

Many times, especially when a person is secretly in love with each other and is only lovelorn, expressing or not expressing his love will only end in one way.

Yes, maybe someone will always say the following words to you: love to say it out loud! Or if you never try you never know.

However, sometimes you just know the result, because you know that the other person is not interested in you, or definitely cant be with you, but you still love the other person wholeheartedly.

Real life is not a fairy tale, and miracles do not happen at will. When this kind of two choose one and the result is the same, people actually have two choices.

One can be called a suicide bomb attack..

That is, you know that you will be indifferent to the other party and reject you 100%, but you just want to tell the other party what you want to do, launch a final attack on the other party, so that you no longer have regrets, and let yourself die completely.

This kind of technique, which is similar to the Japanese Shenfeng special attack team, is a powerful medicine. Many people are afraid to choose this option, because in real life, there is often a situation of throwing rats at the back - the object you secretly love may be your classmates, colleagues and peers who cant look up and down;

Or, you still have the illusion that lovers cant be friends (which is often an unrealistic fantasy in real life, and it is the natural self comfort function of human beings at work), and you are not willing to cut it completely.

It is not common in real life to be friends or even keep in touch after confession, so ordinary people are not willing to take the risk of suicide attack confession.

The other is that most people choose to wait in silence, love is hard to open in the heart, and all the words they want to say to each other are swallowed by themselves, borne by themselves, and have been secretly in love.

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Sometimes, this method is the most effective, because it is not as destructive as the first one.

But in fact, this method is also a double-edged sword, because choosing to do so is actually torture yourself and make yourself bear this psychological burden all the time.

However, to adopt ostrich tactics and be reluctant to face the cruel reality is actually the option that most people will be willing to choose, because it can at least retain a trace of fantasy or good memory, which can be used as an anesthetic to comfort themselves.

People are afraid of being rejected, and people are afraid of the collapse of the ideal human design of their secretly loved ones. Both of these things may happen with the confession.

Then, there is a more realistic and cruel way to solve this problem, which is to strive to move on. Gradually persuade yourself to let go of the other person, even if you know you cant let go of the other person, but also to lock the feeling of that person in the most remote corner of your heart dont let it out.

Sometimes, in order to achieve this goal, we need to try our best to alienate each other, or even deliberately freeze the relationship with each other and force ourselves to die for each other.

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This method is the third way to express or not to express your love. It can be called the bone scraping therapy method. It is a kind of method that can cure both symptoms and root causes. But it needs to face the cruel reality, test the psychological endurance, and definitely need tears to push the process until you completely put down the man.

But a person often cant put another person in his life, even if that person may have already forgotten who you are.

After all, whats the ultimate solution to unrequited love?

The answer is, when your unrequited love goes into a dead end, everyones choice will be different, because everyones situation will be different. And these choices, often wont have right or wrong, because in front of love and lovelorn, we are all the one who is in the game.

The ultimate solution, in fact, is to choose a solution that will cause the least damage to yourself and the other party and minimize the negative impact. In the face of unrequited feelings, our choices are sometimes so limited.