When the trampoline of female graduate students fell into paralysis, the monitoring exposed a terrible scene: these trends are destroying young people

 When the trampoline of female graduate students fell into paralysis, the monitoring exposed a terrible scene: these trends are destroying young people

Dubbed bed sports by the Internet Celebrities:

Wanghong trampoline hall is blooming everywhere, but the safety measures are not really in place.

The girls name is Qiqi. On the night of May 25, she and her boyfriend Xiao Wang and cousin Xiao Lu went to the trampoline hall to play.

Before entering the museum, Xiaolu said that the trampoline hall did not do any safety training, did not tell the precautions, or even did not have safety tips.

The staff members answer was very easy: everyone is playing like this. Its OK.

Without any safety notice or safety measures, Qiqi was shot into the sea ball pool after receiving the staffs sign, and was unable to move on the spot.

Qi Qi, unable to move:

Qi Qi said at that time that she had no consciousness below her chest, and then made an emergency call.

The on-site staff were also flustered. They did not take any first-aid measures for the injured and repeated the sentence:

We all play like this, which has never happened before.

According to the analysis of professionals, if the on-site safety officers have medical knowledge, Qiqis condition is more likely to be better than it is now.

The diagnosis result given by the doctor is complete paraplegia. Qiqis injury is very serious, and the following treatment will be very long:

The owner of trampoline Hall said that he had bought insurance and the insurance company would be responsible for the compensation, while the insurance company said that the compensation could not be given to them.

The trampoline hall has been closed for rectification, but it cant replace the healthy body of young girls

In this story, the most regrettable thing is that Qiqi is a medical student, because of her excellent performance, she was submitted to the graduate student.

After ten years of hard study, she would have had a good future, maybe become a good doctor, but all this was destroyed because of trampoline.

Life is really fragile. We should all protect ourselves.

If you think about it, when a person bounces up to the lowest point, he is in a state of weightlessness, and the impact force is very large, so there is no safety measure to protect the human body.

Some media once made an experiment of trying to stand up after falling on the trampoline. After many attempts, the experimenter still couldnt get up and was almost stepped on:

There is no doubt that playing this dangerous game requires you to have a strong ability of self-control and balance, otherwise there will be great security risks.

The news of trampoline safety accidents is common:

Mr. Wei, 32, and Xiaojing, his date, went to play the tennis red trampoline project. After several bounces, Mr. Wei found that his body was not right.

Another example is the heart of an 8-year-old girl who suddenly falls into a coma when she falls off a trampoline.

After such a big safety accident, the venue is still open.

At the age of 8, the heart, heart and spinal cord were damaged. They could only rely on the ventilator to maintain their lives. The probability of paralysis was very high.

In addition to the common fractures, there is also high paraplegia, an irreversible serious injury that seriously affects life.

Some video bloggers will tell you that this is very cool, fun and exciting, but they didnt tell you that these actions are hidden with great security risks:

Trampoline also spawned many other games.

For example, wanghong must play lie on the wall:

As soon as you lean back, you stick to the wall

A girl in Fuzhou City, when playing this game, there is a very frightening scene.

She jumped a few times and stuck it to the wall, only to find that her body felt torn.

After diagnosis and treatment, her vulva was torn by a 2cm wound, which hurt so much that she couldnt think.

The most important thing in this game is that the clothes must be strong, and the girl said that the quality of her clothes is very poor:

And thats not the case.

Last August, when Ms. Liu was stuck to the wall in the trampoline, she felt a tear like pain in her lower body.

At last, 10 stitches were sewed, and there were three tears. The injury was quite serious:

And its not just the pain, its also very affecting the couples life:

Its suffocating just to hear it.

In addition to these, in fact, many online Red projects have huge security risks.

For example, transparent water walking ball:

This kind of walking ball is on the water. There is no other safety measures. If it is scratched during use, the gas will leak.

And when people are inside, they will be wrapped and sink, which can be said to be quite fatal.

In addition to this, this kind of walking ball is still sealed, and it is easy to lack of oxygen. If the operation is improper, the consequences will be incalculable.

In my opinion, when it comes to the word net red, Ive already had some rejection in my mind.

If you just go to a net red restaurant, its generally not delicious and expensive, and at most, its not healthy to have diarrhea.

But this kind of online red project is quite deadly.

So we must consider our own safety before we act.

In fact, net red is the burst out of marketing, using everyones herd mentality.

Its the least cool behavior to always follow the trend blindly, and its the most cool to keep a clear mind.

Lets share it. Lets be safe. Only by living safely can we feel the most quality of life.

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