Three deaths and seven injuries in the case of cutting off people in Fujian Province

 Three deaths and seven injuries in the case of cutting off people in Fujian Province

On the morning of the 5th, the Red Star News reporter contacted several local people near the scene of the crime. According to two of them, before the crime, there was no quarrel or other conflict between the murderer and the beheaded. The murderer was not targeted, but cut at the sight of others. The beheaded were all people resting outside the grocery store to enjoy the cool. However, the local police and the town government have not confirmed that the online mens suspected murders are due to drinking and gambling.

u25b2 crime scene. Picture provided by interviewee

According to the Xianyou County Public Security Bureau on June 5 in the early morning, at about 21:40 on the 4th, a supermarket in Heping Village, Fengting Town, Xianyou County was killed. According to the public alarm, Xianyou County Public Security Bureau organized the police to rush to the scene for investigation and disposal at the first time. Ten people were found stabbed at the scene, two of them died on the spot, one died of invalid rescue, and the other seven wounded were sent to the hospital for rescue as soon as possible. At present, there is no life danger. Later, at about 23 oclock on the same day, police arrested the suspect Zhang Mou (male, from Guizhou Province, 35 years old) on a village road about two kilometers from the scene of the crime. After preliminary trial, the suspect confessed to the facts of the crime, and the case is under further trial.

On the morning of June 5, the Red Star News reporter contacted the owners of many enterprises and businesses in Heping Village. According to them, the supermarket at the scene of the crime is actually a grocery store next to Fengting development zone. Many local people have heard about this, but they are not clear about the specific circumstances at the time of the crime.

The owner of a store near the scene of the crime said that he knew the owner of the grocery store, and the two were in the same village. People in the canteen (grocery store) have also been cut off and are still in hospital. According to the boss, the assailant worked in a local factory. At around 9:40 p.m. on the 4th, the man suddenly took a knife and cut it when he saw someone, which was not targeted. He also said that the murderer had gone to the supermarket to buy things before, didnt talk much and didnt quarrel with people.

The owner of another company said his home was not far from the grocery store, and that a nearby company had taken a surveillance video of the crime and had been transferred by the police. He said that at the time of the crime, there were not many people outside the grocery store, but someone was enjoying the cool and chatting. (the murderer) doesnt aim at anyone, just cut him off when he sees him.

The boss also said that before the crime, the murderer and the victim did not have a quarrel and did not enter the grocery store. After the man committed the murder, he fled from the scene. At that time, the village also informed everyone to close the doors and windows, until about 23:00 PM that the murderer had been arrested. On the morning of the 5th, he learned from the wechat group in the village that the knife used by the murderer had been found.

Gambling kills people, because gambling costs 50 yuan, I heard that drinking too much because gambling costs 50 yuan After the incident, the official account posted by Xianyou and Feng Ting local public number commented on the comment area, and many netizens were leaving messages saying that the murder case was suspected of drinking, gambling and 50 yuan gambling. To this, many local bosses said they did not know.

The injured people have been rushed to the hospital. Picture provided by interviewee

Red Star News reporter contacted Fengting police station of Xianyou County Public Security Bureau. The police handling the case said that the case was under investigation and could not disclose too many details. Fengting town government staff also said that the case is under investigation, whether the online motive for the murder is true still needs to be investigated.