How to make enterprise return visit more efficient and intelligent?

 How to make enterprise return visit more efficient and intelligent?

According to the analysis of the return visit scene of the enterprise, the most appropriate return visit technique and intention type are designed, which can be connected to the enterprise customer management system. Through the smart phone return visit to customers, collect customer satisfaction, accurately record customer discourse, and form a customer return visit questionnaire database.

When the enterprise is setting questions, it will bury the key questions. For example, in the survey questionnaire, set the required questions, then the required questions are the key. Under the key point, no matter how the customers answer, the robot will guide them to complete the key question answer, and record the text and voice of them. The results of the return visit will be clear to the managers at a glance and effectively improve the efficiency of operation and management.

Secondly, if the logic jumps out during the investigation, the robot will use the pre-set knowledge base content to respond easily. After that, the robot will pull the customer back to the investigation logic and continue to complete the follow-up investigation.

In the process of return visit, we added many artificial intelligence technologies, such as intelligent voice interaction and deep learning, to make the return visit more intelligent and humanized.

Single round, multi round dialogue, easy, difficult business easy to control

Single round conversation, greetings, consultation and answers; multiple rounds of dialogue, Q & A for Q & a marketing;

Gao Zhineng, accurate intention recognition

Based on deep learning semantic understanding, C-end experience is more intelligent;

Based on the advanced neural network technology, the intention recognition model trained on hundreds of millions of data sets can automatically extract the time, place, person name and other key information in the users questions, automatically recognize the different ways of the same meaning, and correctly understand the users intention;

Keep learning and solve problems

Real time one button learning, keep the knowledge abundant and clear mind at all times;

Recommend similar questions / answers in real time, learn and use flexibly, and serve customers;

Emotional learning, intelligence is also distracted;

Human based customer service group has a certain working time, that is, it can only effectively carry out after-sales return visit in a certain period of time. If there are slackers, the number of return visits may be less than two digits in a day. Moreover, due to human resources, it is necessary to pay a certain wage. Combined with the above situation, it is easy to have the problem that the payment is not directly proportional to the return , low cost performance. Intelligent voice robot has no limitation of working time. It is enough to carry out after-sales return visit to customers in any period of time. At the same time, it does not need to pay wages every month. As long as it is purchased, it can be used for a long time. It only needs regular maintenance. The most important point is that intelligent voice robot does not need to rest and has high cost performance.

Now the application range of intelligent voice robot is more and more extensive, the pre-sale and after-sale of enterprises can be applied! The simulation of intelligent voice effect has been widely praised, so more and more enterprises are using it now, which proves that voice robot has a good prospect in the field of enterprise service. If you want to learn more about relevant products and cases of Dezhu intelligent voice robot, please pay attention to the public account of Dezhu intelligent wechat.