Focus interview: this matter is related to the life and health of all people

 Focus interview: this matter is related to the life and health of all people news (focus interview):6 2, general secretary Xi Jinping hosted a forum of experts and scholars and delivered a very important speech. Looking back on the course of war epidemic and analyzing the experience of war epidemic, the general secretary repeatedly stressed the core concept of people first, life first. He said, peoples safety is the cornerstone of national security, human health is the foundation of social civilization progress, protecting peoples life safety and health can be at all costs. Based on this core concept, how to sum up experience and learn lessons, further improve relevant system and mechanism, and build a scientific and efficient public health system in China? The general secretary gave clear instructions.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious in Wuhan, Hubei. Since May 14, Wuhan has deployed the centralized nucleic acid detection and screening work to comprehensively screen asymptomatic infected persons. From 0:00 on May 14 to 24:00 on June 1, 9899828 people were tested for nucleic acid in Wuhan City, no confirmed cases were found, 300 asymptomatic infections were detected, and the detection rate was 303 / 10000.

The whole staff nucleic acid detection embodies the concept of people first, life first, and it is also an important measure to build a public health and safety barrier. On June 2nd, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, hosted a symposium of experts and scholars and delivered a very important speech. In his speech, general secretary Xi Jinping summed up the situation of epidemic prevention and control, expounded the importance of building a strong public health system to peoples health and safety, and made a layout for how to build a strong public health system.

During the epidemic, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients aged 100 and old were discharged from hospital in Hubei District Hospital of Optics Valley maternal and child health care center. Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients like this are still in many ways to treat this new crown pneumonia. The treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia in elderly patients, especially those with severe and critical illness, is a hitherto unknown challenge for medical staff.

This novel coronavirus pneumonia patient treatment hitherto insisted the people first, the life is supreme hitherto unknown, mobilizing the national resources to carry out large-scale treatment, not missing an infected person, not giving up every sick person, from the newborn baby to the more than 100 year old old man all not to give up. In his speech, Xi Jinping pointed out that peoples safety is the cornerstone of national security. Human health is the foundation of social civilization and progress. It is emphasized that the development of health and health has always been in a fundamental position in the historical process of achieving the goal of two one hundred years.

The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has raised new topics for how to effectively prevent and control diseases, and also highlights the importance of disease prevention and control system. In response to the epidemic, Chinas public health system and medical service system played an important role, but also exposed some shortcomings.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, Xi Jinping stressed repeatedly that we should sum up our experience and draw lessons from it, and pay close attention to short board, plug loopholes and strong and weak items, so as to improve the ability and level of dealing with major public health emergencies. So how to build a disease prevention and control system? In his speech, Xi Jinping stressed that we should base ourselves on more precise and effective prevention, intensify reform in straightening out the system and mechanism, defining the functional orientation and enhancing professional ability.

A pressing matter of the moment is early monitoring and early warning. Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that strengthening early monitoring and warning capabilities is a top priority for improving public health system.

So how to enhance the ability of early monitoring and early warning? Xi Jinping pointed out that we should improve the surveillance system for infectious diseases and public health emergencies, improve the monitoring mechanism for unexplained diseases and abnormal health events, improve the sensitivity and accuracy of evaluation and monitoring, establish a multi-point trigger mechanism for intelligent early warning, improve the multi-channel monitoring and early warning system, and improve the ability of real-time analysis and centralized evaluation.

Improving the ability of treatment is an important support to ensure the safety of peoples lives. So how to improve the treatment ability? Xi Jinping pointed out that we should co-ordinate the mobilization response, regional linkage and personnel mobilization under the emergency medical and health institutions, and establish and improve a major epidemic treatment mechanism for grading, stratification and diversion.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia patient who received catheterization treatment has not been improved since the outbreak. The critically ill medical expert Durbin from Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Liu Qingquan, the Capital Medical Universitys affiliated director of Capital Medical University, have been in consultation with ICU.

Patients have been using ventilator for two or three weeks, but the blood oxygen saturation is not stable all the time. Experts are trying to use traditional Chinese medicine to help patients relieve symptoms, so as to better adapt to the support treatment of ventilator.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is one of the reasons for the relapse of many severe patients. It is a difficult point in the treatment of severe cases of new crown pneumonia. The combination of the concept and means of traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment methods of Western medicine has provided a new opportunity and outlet to solve such problems.

Combination of traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine is a major feature of the epidemic prevention and control. It is also a vivid practice of the essence of TCM inheritance and innovation. Xi Jinping pointed out that we should strengthen the organization and leadership of Chinese medicine and promote the complementary and coordinated development of Chinese and Western medicine.

In his speech, general secretary Xi Jinping also made efforts to promote the transformation from environmental health management to comprehensive social health management, to promote the law modification and formulation of the law on infectious diseases prevention and control, and to respond to public health emergencies.

Safety cornerstone, progress foundation, important support, bottom line thinking and sense of suffering These key words are valuable experiences of the nationwide epidemic, and also reflect the extreme attention of general secretary Xi Jinping on the development of health and health. When it comes to national security, first of all, we need to ensure peoples health and safety; and first of all, we need human health to pursue social civilization and progress. How to guarantee? We must build a strong public health system and guard against major risks in the field of health. In his speech, the general secretary not only stressed the core concept, but also gave the construction drawing of the public health system. With ideas and drawings, what is needed is action. Our public health system will become more and more solid, and our ability to respond to public health events will become stronger and stronger.