The little girl climbed out of the window of the 5th floor and the neighbor roared for half an hour: go in!

 The little girl climbed out of the window of the 5th floor and the neighbor roared for half an hour: go in!

The little girl climbs out of the window of the 5th floor in a critical condition. The female neighbor roars for half an hour in the air: get in quickly (source: original)

I never thought of the thrill of the sound, I also experienced it myself. When I was cooking in the evening, the building opposite the kitchen window in the east garden area, tiktok climbed out of the window. My mothers meal was monitored and dissuaded at this window for about half an hour.

After the event, Zhang Jingfa was still haunted by his friends.

At 6 oclock yesterday evening, as usual, Zhang Jing was busy in the kitchen after picking up the food. When she washed the food, she inadvertently caught a glimpse of a white figure on the windowsill of the opposite building. She blinked. When she looked at it, her heart all mentioned her voice and couldnt speak at once. My God, its a little girl. She climbs out of the window and stands on the plank on the windowsill, and beckons downstairs.

Zhang Jing roared the little girl back.

Hello, Im building by building. Theres a little girl climbing to the windowsill. Its very dangerous. Come on... Jin Jing, a community worker, said she had a loud voice on the phone and was scared,

You watch first, keep shouting. Ill be right here.

Zhang Jing has been staring at the opposite building, and she cant afford to cook dinner.

Jin Jing added Zhang Jings wechat, and Zhang Jing sent a video. In the video, she shouted, get down, girl, and close the window. the girl went up and down several times, in and out. Jin Jing also took two steps at a time, running downstairs.

When he arrived at a building, Jin Jing took a deep breath and kept awake. According to the building identification in the video, he quickly locked the window on the 5th floor. The little girl was not in the window and half relaxed. She climbed upstairs and knocked on the door

A tender voice, Jin Jing breathes a long sigh, the little girl is OK.

The door is locked. There is a secret door to open. Jin Jing said that the little girl was wearing a small white skirt, small and smart.

Jin Jing asked, arent your adults at home?

The little girl replied, Mom and dad are not here. We will not come back until its dark.

Do you remember mom and dads phone?

The little girl shook her head.

What are you doing on the windowsill?

I want to go down to play with the children. The door cant be opened. The window can be opened.

The windowsill is very dangerous. If you fall down, you may not see your parents or play with your children.

Jin Jing also didnt hear what she said about the cartoon, only said that Superman in the cartoon was fake. She asked the little girl to stay at the door, called downstairs neighbor aunt Gu to help look after it, then went back to the office to find household information, and contacted the parents of the children as soon as possible.

Downstairs aunt Gu took over Jin Jings post and chatted with the little girl. Aunt Gu has lived in Dongyuan district for nearly 30 years. Her upstairs neighbor came in after the Spring Festival. She often hears the voice of a little girl on the windowsill. You play with me.

The little girls hair is lovely. Aunt Gu said, have you had dinner? I had some biscuits. Its almost dark. The children are all home. Dont go out. Come to grandmas next time. Good.

Aunt Gu asked the little girl to remember her phone number. If she could not remember, she also asked her mother to copy and paste the phone on the wall. In this way, the neighbors could also help to contact her soon.

Jin Jing contacts Xiao Chen, the mother of the child, the young mother of the 95th generation, and the father of the child to deliver express goods near the community through the landlord.

Ten minutes later, Xiao Chen and her husband came back in a hurry.

Jin Jing enters the room,

The bed where the little girl sleeps is close to the window. There is only a drop of 20-30 cm between the top and the bottom. The little girl can go to the windowsill with her feet raised. The window is a left-right window without a cage. There is a small platform with a flower shelf outside. A board on it looks insecure.

In case of collapse, or the little girl takes another step forward and directly drops the cement floor downstairs, the consequences are unimaginable. The little girl is still young. You should take it with you. In fact, no matter how much money you earn, its all for the sake of children. If something happens to the children, its not worth the loss. Jin Jing and her parents talked about some safety knowledge and found the link to sell window locks on the Internet

This morning, Jin Jing took me to the little girls house. There was no one in the house and no child.

I called Xiao Chen, the mother of my child. The phone number showed that it was from Zhengzhou, Henan Province. She and her husband are from Henan Province. They came to Hangzhou in, sent express delivery, and rented to Dongyuan District in the following year.

Xiao Chen said that when he received the call, he was a bit confused and asked his husband to rush home. Her grandmother was taking the children with her before. These two days when grandma came home, she was shut up alone. I didnt expect such a thing to happen.

I didnt scold her when I saw her last night. I just hugged her and said I cant climb the window next time. I bought the safety lock immediately, but before it arrived, I put it on. I didnt work today. I took the children with me.

On the other hand, Zhang Jing, who was the first one to find the little girl climbing the windowsill last night, also expressed a lot of emotion. Afterwards, she sent several circles of friends to narrate the story.

During this period, the whole child climbed out, stood on a board outside the window, and bent down to greet and interact with a group of children playing downstairs. At that time, I was so broken that I roared and urged her to go in. I wish I could fly to her.

My frightened cell phone fell into the pool. I shouted to persuade her to leave. The little girl went in. Later she crawled out again. If I could persuade her to leave again, she would not listen very much. My eyes never left the opposite window.

I was so mad that I almost lost my child. I should have sweated 10 jin!


My dinner is not good anymore. I can only monitor and persuade the little girl at this window. I am not relieved until I contact the community leader.

At 8:15,

Zhang Jing updates her circle of friends:

Because of the children climbing the window opposite, Im still shaking my hands, so Im at ease to cook for Yueyue (my own child). Fortunately, in the evening, I was washing, cutting and shaking juice in the kitchen. I just saw all the people with children. I was so worried. If I was the mother of the child, my legs would be absolutely soft.

Zhang Jing is also a celebrity in Dao Mao lane. The resident of the community gave her the nickname: Zhang sanhou! Just because she called old Fu Xiaofu (husband and child) every day, her voice was loud, and her neighbors knew her voice was loud.

For what happened last night, Zhang Jing was very satisfied with her voice and made friends,

Today, Zhang sanhous skill has come to the point: roar across the air, stop the girl climbing the window, roar for half an hour, like a roar! People have a sense of shaking and cracking. They open windows to see whats going on? Zhang sanhou, the old Fu and the young Fu, also have deep internal skill in cultivation. Can you tell me to try that building? Its not loud enough. Can you hear it in the building opposite the low voice? Three years of lead singing by the bel canto in reading is not in vain.