You are my destiny begins with Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie performing marriage before love

 You are my destiny begins with Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie performing marriage before love

In the final notice, the tortuous love between the male and female owners and the complex emotional relationship between the characters are very clear. Wang Xieyi (Xing Zhaolin) and Chen Jiaxin (Liang Jie) form a beloved couple. They fall into the marriage hall and start the rhythm of love after marriage. However, the love goes through twists and turns because they are not honest enough. Wang Diali Yi, who loves but doesnt understand the expression, hurt Chen Jiaxin in his early marriage life. His heart was broken by the sentence there is no you in my future world. In the later period, he finally understood his heart. However, their fate began to move towards different paths.

Chen Yijun, a producer, has been involved in many classic dramas, such as the wedding dress of heaven, happiness at the next stop and the queen of dogs. Ding Yingzhou, a director, has also created many well-known works, such as the little girl will never give up and the lone Queen. He is very good at the delicate description of the characters emotions. In addition, the drama is also a gold medal in the industry Huang Zhihong, the art director, controlled the overall visual style. The crew went to Hungary and Shanghai to shoot many real scenes, which not only had the classical flavor of Europe, but also had the modern romance of Shanghai, with beautiful pictures, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Wang Xieyi, Chen Jiaxin, falls into an unexpected marriage, speeding up love, opening up tonight

You are my destiny takes Wang dialiyis and Chen Jiaxins speeding love as the main line, tells the growth and responsibility through love, and integrates many elements such as workplace, dream, family, etc. when Wang dialiyi and Chen Jiaxin first meet, their identities are not equal, one is a young and promising enterprise president, the other is a small transparent post it girl in the workplace, both of them are not mature enough in love, One loves without knowing, one loves carefully. After several twists and turns in this marriage life, Chen Jiaxins simple optimism has influenced Wang Jieyi, making him understand love and responsibility; while Chen Jiaxin has gradually understood how to find and achieve himself in his relationship with Wang Jieyi. After meeting in Hungary, how will their emotional disputes develop? What are the high-energy plots of Wang Juanyis pursuit of his wife? The audiences expectation is set off by many spots.

You are my destiny will be broadcast from June 5. 2 episodes will be updated at 20:00 on the sixth day of the first Friday, and 3 or 4 episodes will be updated every Tuesday from the next week. VIPs will watch 6 episodes first. From June 16, VIPs will enjoy the privilege of advanced on-demand broadcasting and watch more quickly. On June 23, they will watch the final result in advance. What kind of sadistic love will be brought about by the couple who love each other over speed? It will be announced tonight.