Liaoning basketball team will go to Qingdao for the first stage of the rematch and meet two back-to-back games on July 13

 Liaoning basketball team will go to Qingdao for the first stage of the rematch and meet two back-to-back games on July 13

The specific schedule of Liaoning Benxi Iron and steel team is as follows (in case of CCTV live broadcast for some times, the time of jumping may be adjusted):

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the 30 round of the CBA season before the 2019-2020 season. The League announced in January 24th this year that it would postpone the February 1st follow-up competition due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In the first stage, 20 teams will be divided into two groups to compete in Qingdao and Dongguan respectively. All the matches will be the matches included in the 31st to 46th rounds of the regular season in the competition schedule of CBA League in 2019-2020 season and the make-up match. In the first stage of the rematch, each team will participate in 7-8 games.

The first stage of the semi-finals is divided into the following groups:

Qingdao competition area: Qingdao Guoxin double star, Xinjiang Yilite, Liaoning Bengang, Zhejiang Guangxia Holding Co., Ltd., Beijing Shougang, Zhejiang Chouzhou bank, Nanjing tongxizeguang, Shanghai Jiushi, Guangzhou, China, August 1 Nanchang.

Dongguan competition area: Guangdong Dongguan bank, Shandong Xiwang, Shanxi Fenjiu Co., Ltd., Beijing holding, Jiutai agricultural and commercial bank, Fujian baofali, Shenzhen Marco Polo, Suzhou kendiya, Sichuan Wuliang Jinzun, Tianjin pioneer.

In view of the impact of the epidemic on some foreign players of the team, according to the requirements of China Basketball Association, under the premise of ensuring that the original competition rules are basically unchanged, the rules for foreign players and Asian foreign players to participate in and play in the game basically follow the original rules. However, before the resumption of the game, if the team applies to suspend the use of all foreign players of the team (including Asian foreign players), it can be regarded as the whole Chinese class team. According to the original competition rules, when the team of the whole Chinese class is against the team with foreign players (including Asian foreign players), the team with foreign players shall implement the rules of four sections and four person times for foreign players (including Asian foreign players), and only one person time for the fourth section.

During the second round, although there is no audience, CBA League will, together with many partners, organize a variety of online and stadium fans interactive activities, and make every effort to recover and contribute wonderful basketball games for the fans.