Our band life and death duel Wang Junkai Xie Tingfeng online decompression

 Our band life and death duel Wang Junkai Xie Tingfeng online decompression

With the results of the first new product recommendation meeting announced, seven bands will be divided into upper and lower areas according to the score. The next thing to meet them will be a more brutal competition system. They have to create within 48 hours and complete the whole process of composition, production, rehearsal and stage rehearsal. In the formal performance, the three lower band can launch 1v1 challenge to the upper band. If the challenge is successful, it will survive, otherwise it will be eliminated. In the face of such great pressure, Wang Junkai and Nicholas Tse also came off in person to watch the rehearsal rehearsal of the guiding band. Thousands of miles away, Xiao Jingteng also conducted online guidance for several bands through on-site connection.

It can be said that the three partners did their best for the performance. Nicholas Tse s worry physique is perfectly inspired, not only to accompany the players to rehearse at night, but also to send rice dumplings and other delicacies. Wang Junkais warm heart constitution, as always, not only decompresses the players by personal experience, but also changes to hug Kai when the players leave the field regretfully, giving a close hug. But Xiao Jingteng doesnt change his nature, and he slaps himself!

48 hours of extreme originality, Zhang endai shed tears under heavy pressure, and 9 groups in the circle were seriously divided

This competition is undoubtedly a matter of life and death for the seven bands. All of them put forward the spirit of 12 points to participate in the creation. But under the pressure, several bands are in a row.

The Taishan band (Ni Yanchen), known as the king of exploding lights, is under pressure from the new generation of lead singer Zhang endai, who mysteriously disappeared in the rehearsal process and even wept several times in the preparatory process. Similarly, the promising Guofeng second dimensional band effervescent capsule (circle group 9) has had major internal differences, and only when it is close to the performance can it determine the direction And the spark aircraft band (Zheng Anwei group) and the melting ice cream band (Jiang Shan Group) have brought quite amazing original works in the situation of back-to-back battle.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020