Jia Ling, Lang Lang, fan Chengcheng, Yang Di and Zhou Shen join in the youth Tour

 Jia Ling, Lang Lang, fan Chengcheng, Yang Di and Zhou Shen join in the youth Tour

Jia Ling is the funny first sister of the comedy industry. She has an absolute degree of national affection. She is not only a humorous elf who makes people cry and laugh on the stage, but also an atmosphere maker who always brings pear vortex laugh in the variety show.

Yang Di, who is the same comedian as Jia Ling, is also popular with the public. She has her own funny attributes and a full sense of variety. She is a frequent visitor in the hot search list. With a wide range of good people, he has become a synonym for humor in everyones mind by virtue of his interesting soul and distinctive leather bag, and has been commented as a man growing on the point of laughter by netizens.

In this seasons program, fan Chengcheng, the old acquaintance of spring outing, is also surprised to return. This new generation pop singer, who is full of youth and has a high popularity on the stage, is actually a real and lovely little foodie in private.

Piano prince Lang Lang shows his true self

Lang Lang, as the worlds top piano master, has an absolute position in the classical music world, and he is also the face to face of Chinese classical music. However, in private, he has a sharp contrast, a pure northeast daqiazi Mandarin, with a lovely, informal character suction numerous. Journey of youth circle 2 is his first show of outdoor variety show. In the face of many game levels and teammates with great sense of humor, can he calmly cope with the smooth connection? We announced it together in the program.

In addition, Lang Langs century meeting with Zhou Shen, the musical Wizard, is also a highlight of the program. Zhou Shen has a unique voice line, a large number of fans are attracted by his ethereal voice, and he sings the hot list of video blockbuster. He is popular with the public with his humorous, optimistic and self mocking character, which is really suitable for all ages.