Must read in midsummer! The baby will not get sick in autumn and winter

 Must read in midsummer! The baby will not get sick in autumn and winter

Watch the wake-up gas. The spleen dominates the muscles and limbs, and the wet and evil baby will have weak limbs and a heavy body without spirit. It is like being covered by a dull Golden Bell mask, especially when he gets up. In the morning, the babys gas is much heavier than usual. The parents should pay special attention to the babys other performance, such as stool and tongue coating, to see if there is excessive moisture.

Look at the tongue coating. The tongue is most sensitive to the spleen and stomach of children. Moisture in the body will affect the spleen and stomach transport, resulting in thick and greasy tongue coating, even a thick layer of yellow; or the tongue body is fat, with teeth marks, and there are teeth compression marks on the edge of the tongue body - which shows that the moisture in the babys body has been very heavy.

Prescription for removing dampness: less meat in soup, activity + feet soaking

Drinking Qushi Decoction

Jianpi Qushi Decoction

Method: put the material into the pot, add about 2 bowls of water, simmer to 1 bowl, take in several times. 1-2 times a week.

Applicable age: for babies over 3 years old with good digestion and no pain. Can add a small amount of lean meat soup, can also directly boil water to drink.

Soothing exercise, moderate perspiration

During the period of seed in the mangrove, let the baby, especially the one who is usually lazy to move, move actively. This move is about soothing exercise. Its a good choice to take your baby for a walk and bike ride. Pay attention to excessive sweating in summer, which can damage Yang Qi. Especially in the grain planting season, the weather is sultry and humid after the rain, the baby will sweat a little bit, resulting in the diarrhea of Yang with sweat and physical deficiency. It can guide the baby to do some housework, participate in activities that do not overwork, and it is not recommended to choose running, rope skipping and other activities that will make people sweat.

Old people often say: rich people take tonic, poor people bubble feet. From time to time, soak your babys feet in 40 u2103 warm water for 5-10 minutes, which can make your babys body slightly hot and sweat (pay attention not to sweat dripping), and promote blood circulation. At this time, the pores open slightly, and the moisture can be discharged from the body, which has the effect of expelling cold. Warm water can stimulate the acupoints on the sole of the babys feet and enhance the functions of the five zang organs and six Fu organs. The baby with poor physique has bubble feet, which can warm the body and sleep well. Note that babies under 1 year old should not soak their feet.

What can I add to my daily feet?

If the baby blows the air conditioner and catches cold, he can use AI ye and perilla to get rid of the cold that night. For a healthy baby with no pain, only warm water is enough for daily feet soaking, and there is no need to add anything. AI ye and perilla are both warm. If they are often used, it is difficult for parents to control the scale. If they are too warm, they are easy to catch fire. Parents should pay attention to that if the feet are soaked with Chinese medicine juice, it is the same as taking medicine and injection, which belongs to the method of treating diseases. In particular, childrens skin absorption ability is strong, need to be bathed under the guidance of doctors. There is no need for healthy babies to soak in traditional Chinese medicine.

Its important to warm, nourish the Yang, nourish the Qi, nourish the food, nourish the food, nourish the sleep and nourish the baby

As for the baby, eliminating dampness will inevitably consume certain Yang Qi. And the child itself is the body of deficiency cold, Yang Qi is very weak and unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to warm the sun while removing dampness for the baby. In summer, to warm, nourish and nourish the babys Yang, we must pay attention to clearing and smoothing. We often say supporting yang, which means to give a little help and let the Yang in the babys body circulate, so as to mobilize the body function and germinate the Yang. It doesnt mean to make up for the big benefits, but to encourage the young.

When there is moisture: suitable for sleeping and nourishing yang

In fact, the way to soak your feet and bask in the sun when you go out for a walk is a good way to warm the sun and get rid of the cold. When there is moisture in the babys body, it is difficult to replenish Yang. Food is better than sleep, at this time you can use sleep Yang. The concrete way is to take a good nap. It is easy for many parents to neglect the little secret skill of nourishing yang and nourishing yin to let the baby go to deep sleep at midnight (23:00-01:00) and noon (11:00-13:00). The babys sleep during this period should be arranged as follows:

11:00-13:00: 1-2 hours of nap, not too long, easy to cause the baby to fall asleep at night.

21:00-07:00 p.m.: its a long day in summer. Babies who go to bed at 9:00 p.m. can be put off for half an hour, but not too late. Try to fall asleep before 10:00 p.m.

Good digestion: suitable for nourishing yang

In summer, you cant eat mutton like in winter. We have also introduced a lot of methods of clearing, leveling and small compensation before. The simplest is to put a small amount of spicy onion, ginger and garlic in the cooking to improve the taste, so as to activate the Yang Qi in the body. Litchi and other warm fruits, eat a few not excessive, can also play a small role in tonifying yang qi. In addition, accumulated food can also damage Yang Qi. The noodle soup we introduced two days ago can effectively help the baby reduce the burden, make the valley delicate and smooth, and make the Yang Qi smooth.

What is good for invigorating the spleen in the season of grain in ear?

In addition to removing dampness and warming Yang, it is easy to injure the spleen by heat dampness during midsummer, and it is also very important to strengthen the spleen. To keep the spleen well, the first thing for a baby is to ensure good daily digestion, not to burden the spleen and stomach too much, to prevent food accumulation, and to eliminate food stagnation in time. These are the truths we talk about most in our daily life, but they are the most effective. Parents must do two things well:

u2461 Avoid cold food. Dont drink cold tea or cold drinks in summer, and eat less ice cream. Summer fruits and vegetables are mostly cold, parents should pay attention to, occasionally give the baby to eat heatstroke, do not eat every day. At ordinary times, the choice of food materials is mainly flat. In the near future, in the daily diet, we can appropriately increase the ingredients for invigorating the spleen and Qi, such as jujube, jobs tears, lentils, millet, yam, Atractylodes macrocephala, pseudoginseng, etc.

Baizhuchenpi Decoction

Materials: Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, tangerine peel 1g, yam 10g, pseudoginseng 5g, bulbil 5g.

Method: put the material into the pot, add about 2 bowls of water, turn the heat to 1 bowl and take it. Once or twice a week.

Efficacy: invigorate the spleen and nourish the stomach.

Applicable age: for babies over 3 years old with good digestion and no pain.

Taking care of the digestion of the spleen and stomach is a task all year round. Parents need to systematically learn and master relevant methods.

Source: WeChat official account of Xu Yu Jia Yu Tang Hall

Xu Youjia, director of Pediatrics, Guangdong Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, is responsible for the scientific check.