Wife 4, Shen Teng Yang Di Jia Ling make complaints about the Tucao husbands.

 Wife 4, Shen Teng Yang Di Jia Ling make complaints about the Tucao husbands.

Yuan Hong, Zhang Xinyi, excavator blockbuster. Gina calls Lang Lang the most handsome person she has ever met

In the film, Zhang Xinyi, the couple of hearts Yuan Hong, is very different when he appears. Yuan Hong, who is both a director and an actor, personally guides the video of his appearance. Its hard for him to be a photographer. The scene even used excavator to perform a wonderful red heart couple everywhere blockbuster. The two people laughed and interacted with each other, which was full of sweetness.

Every hour and moment, self assured or supercilious, make complaints about Ron Longina, who is called sticky cake couple. The two friends are not alone. The four seas are home, like 502 glue. When recording the video, Gina rainbow mode went online and changed into her husband little Mi Mei. She praised Lang Lang as the most handsome person she had ever met, and the two were super romantic.

Sha Yi Ada Choi live connection seeking evaluation, friends brutally make complaints about

After ten years of marriage, Shayi Huke is also envious of his old husband and wife. They were very focused on recording each others self introduction in person. During the recording process, two friends in the circle, friends Yang Di, Hong Tao and Jia Ling, make complaints about Sha Yi. But Hong Tao was even tucking up. Hong Tao even said he was a bit silly and stupid, so that Sha Yi could not help laughing.

Zhang Jin and CAI Shaofen, who are good at short-term video shooting, carefully designed the video and staged a martial arts drama. During the shooting process, the situation was frequent and made people laugh. In addition, Cai Shaofen shows Hong Kong friends circle in the video, connects her good friend Lizzie, and madly suggests that she praises her friend. As a result, Lizzie says, you can be more gentle, and the sister friendship suddenly overturns. In addition, Hacken Lee also ruthlessly Tucao Ada Chois Mandarin married thirteen years, Putonghua is still so bad, make complaints about Ada Choi.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020