The share price has soared four times. Ge Weidong is not afraid to throw 1.5 billion yuan into the high position to bet on the rise

 The share price has soared four times. Ge Weidong is not afraid to throw 1.5 billion yuan into the high position to bet on the rise

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Share prices quadrupled in a year and a half

Still throwing 1.5 billion follow up

According to the report on the issuance of non-public A-share issued by Zhaoyi innovation yesterday evening, during the directional additional issuance sponsored and underwritten by CICC, the company determined the issuance price of 203.78 yuan / share in strict accordance with the procedures and rules of the issuance price, the issuance object and the number of allocated shares determined in the invitation for subscription, based on the investors subscription quotation , 21.2191 million shares were issued, and the total amount of raised funds was 4.324 billion yuan.

Among them, Ge Weidong won 1.5 billion yuan in his personal identity to win the fixed increase of Zhaoyi innovation. In addition, visset financial data also shows that as of the first quarter of this year, the fund institutions held a total of 59.9716 million shares of Zhaoyi innovation, with a total market value (calculated by the latest closing price) of more than 13 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that at present, the stock price of Zhaoyi innovation is nearly 30% back from the historical high (305.57 yuan) set on February 25 of this year, but it has soared about 4 times since the end of 2018 (ex reversion, the closing price of the stock at the end of 2018 was 44.04 yuan, and todays afternoon share price was 223.59 yuan).

Compared with the closing price of 205.66 yuan of Zhaoyi innovation on June 4, the discount of this fixed increase price is less than 1%. Geweidong participated in this fixed increase, obviously expected that the companys stock price will continue to rise in the future.

Early close to limit

According to the relevant reaction of A-share market in early trading today, affected by the announcement of fixed increase of Zhaoyi innovation, the companys share price opened 6% higher in early trading, and once rose to the limit. By the end of the afternoon, Zhaoyi innovations share price was 223.59 yuan, up 8.72%.

Time sharing chart of Zhaoyi innovation on the morning of the 5th

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Trend of K-line of Zhaoyi innovation since December last year

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At the same time, this morning, A-share semiconductor plate also rose significantly. As of noon, the semiconductor sector index (880491) rose 1.01% against the trend when the main stock indexes were generally weak, ranking 12th among the 352 plate indexes in the two markets.

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Ge Weidong loves technology stocks

Before the large amount fixed increase of Zhaoyi innovation, geweidong has invested heavily in technology stocks for many times. According to wind data, as of the end of the first quarter of this year, geweidong has also listed at least the top ten circulating shareholders of three other technology listed companies, including UFIDA, iFLYTEK and Ruike laser. According to the latest share price, the latest market value of geweidongs shares in UFIDA and iFLYTEK reached 3.298 billion yuan and 1.694 billion yuan respectively.

Data shows that in the asset management industry, at present, geweidong controls many investment institutions and futures company platforms including Shanghai chaos investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai chaos daoran Asset Management Co., Ltd., chaos Tiancheng Futures Co., Ltd.

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Among them, according to the data of private placement network, the asset management scale of Shanghai chaos daoran Asset Management Co., Ltd. is between 2 billion yuan and 5 billion yuan, with 32 funds in total.

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