Mom musk is a legend in the fashion world

 Mom musk is a legend in the fashion world

Although the skin is no longer as smooth as before, wrinkles are the witness of her elegant aging, firm and bright eyes are brighter than any jewelry.

She showed quite good professional quality on the show (after all, people have been in this field since they were 15 years old): expressionless but fierce, the kind of domineering atmosphere that I am the queen, and other gorgeous and cheap people are gone is unmatched by any supermodel tennis star (manual AIT Gigi)

Lets talk about her legendary life:

The 22-year-old married engineer Errol musk and had three children in three years. Since the birth of three children in succession, maye has taken her children and studied for two masters degrees: Masters degree in dietetics and nutrition. He also runs a nutrition consulting company and works hard for his model business. When I was 31, my marriage with my husband came to an end. My son Elon wanted to study in Canada after graduating from high school. Maye moved to Toronto with three children from South Africa. But met with many obstacles, it is difficult to maye to play five jobs to maintain the livelihood of the family. But in the end, all three of mayes children went to college.

In addition to Elon, mayes eldest son, kimbal, runs the kitchen, a chain of restaurants in the United States, to create a healthy concept, with ingredients from local farms. And his daughter Tosca, a filmmaker.

When all the childrens businesses are booming, maye could have lived in her old age, but she just had to struggle and lead a different life. She decided to go to New York to develop her own model. Her model business spanned more than 50 years, and she was about to enter a rare age. She still frequently appeared on the billboards in Times Square, such as Elle Quebec, New York, zoomer, etc She can always be seen in the annals.

It even appeared in Beyonces music video in 2013.

At the age of 63, maye appeared naked on the cover of New York magazine, discussing the growth of mothers over 50.

At the end of last year, an autobiography, awoman makesa plan, was published to record her life.

The wearing of the event is also remarkable. The nude dress is matched with red exaggerated fringe earrings. The velvet handbag and Earring color echo each other and are elegant.

Even the color pinstripes that seem difficult to control can be held and the air field is fully open.

Maybe one day we will not be young any more, we will lose our bright appearance and grow old gracefully.

Source: Xie Yi, editor in charge of Netease fashion_ NQ4682