Midday review: Shanghai index fell 0.26percent and six concept stocks strengthened

 Midday review: Shanghai index fell 0.26percent and six concept stocks strengthened

By 11:30, the net inflow of capital from the North was 2.256 billion yuan, that of Shanghai Stock connect was 1.432 billion yuan, and that of Shenzhen Stock connect was 824 million yuan.

Liquidity easing is the main feature of the current global financial environment, according to Guojin securities research. Emerging market performance during 2008 US quantitative easing: global capital inflow promotes asset prices in emerging markets to rise. Global liquidity easing will continue for a period of time, and global capital will gradually flow back to emerging markets. As the largest emerging market, a share will continue to benefit. Under the loose policy of the Federal Reserve, the shortage of US dollar liquidity in the early stage has been alleviated. With the ease of market risk aversion and the improvement of risk appetite, global funds will gradually flow into emerging markets. As the largest emerging market, the return of foreign capital to China will be a long-term trend.

CICC reported that the international oil price and Chinas refining and chemical industry are in the trend of getting better. If the oil price bottoms out and recovers moderately, it will benefit Chinas refining and chemical industry, which is expected to bring a very considerable opportunity for profit recovery. We believe that compared with state-owned refineries, some leading private refineries are expected to purchase more low-cost imported crude oil due to their advantages of higher processing load (faster inventory turnover) and more sufficient spare crude oil storage capacity.

Galaxy Securities Research Report said that the implementation of the new three board listing mechanism is conducive to opening up the organic link between multi-level capital markets, providing differentiated services for enterprises at different stages of development, supporting high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises to grow stronger and bigger, and helping to attract long-term capital inflow of institutions, improve the liquidity of the new three board, and improve trading activity and pricing efficiency. In the future, with the increase of the number of board transfer enterprises, the securities companies with the leading selection layer layout will benefit significantly and expand their business space.