Interview with Prince Yi: my favorite fans call me brother Wang

 Interview with Prince Yi: my favorite fans call me brother Wang

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Let these beautiful young people like white moonlight

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Film, release single, record variety show, show, design clothing Wang Ziyis life is a little busy.

After his debut, he never talked loudly about his ideal, but just kept working silently until a report card was put in front of us, it seems that he never needed to be urged to do anything. Compared with his mouth, Prince is a real activist.

Even after more than two years in his career, Prince Yi is still a little shy when facing the camera, but when it comes to his favorite music, stage and sneakers, his words suddenly become more and more, although on the surface they are still cool.

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Theres also a text version of the exclusive interview with Prince different? Lets get to know bro better together!

01 juvenile you

Prince Yi seems to be born with a unique temperament. Every time he appears, he can bring us new surprises.

Last fashion week show is also, this time with the designer co-operation is also, Prince different is how to maintain the good taste?

Netease fashion: how do you understand the word juvenile sense? Do you think the sense of youth is related to age?

Prince different: the sense of youth is the sound of the car speakers - crisp, clean, clear, interesting, unobstructed, happy, which is very young.

Netease fashion: if you use a taste to describe this sense of youth, what kind of taste would you use to describe it?

Prince Yi: I think its just after getting off the plane that the air in Shanghai has just rained.

Netease fashion: you have always been very good for everyone. How can you keep a good state as an artist?

Prince different: score people. For me, I like a little wild, which makes me feel more juvenile.

Netease fashion: whats your favorite style?

Prince different: looking for establishment in no match and (it seems) fresh.

Netease fashion: you have participated in many fashion shows. Do you think its interesting to watch them or walk around them? Is there anything on the spot that you will never forget?

Netease fashion: tattered jeans have a high frequency of appearance in your dressing. Can you list three reasons for liking them? If there are only three items left in the closet, what would you keep?

Netease fashion: Recently co branded with the designer brand a clothing limited series, will you consider participating in the design of sneakers in the future?

Prince different: in fact, I have painted about three or four pairs of shoes myself. I like to go to different countries. There are some local shops that can paint shoes. I remember the most profound thing is that when I got such a pair of shoes for the first time, I was afraid to paint them. I was worried that they were not good-looking and tangled. In the process of this creation, I found that the creation is actually to describe the current feelings according to the nature, just like you go to a place today and see the feeling of this place at the first sight. Its the most precious thing, not how ornate you have to deliberately design it. So I hope I have the chance to go to different places and make a pair of shoes belonging to that trip or memory.

I think the design will carry a lot of our experiences, ideas, and opinions that we want to output. (for example, before) the barcode elements designed by me and the designer (jointly) used a lot of music concepts.

In fact, I think Im lucky enough to express myself in the clothing. If I have the chance in the future, I will do more interesting things.

02 dreamer Wang Ziyi

Behind every perfect shot, there may be hundreds of efforts.

Prince different is a very cherish feathers people, he does not want to live up to everyones expectations, of course, also do not want to think of their own heart that pass.

About dreams and growth, the prince has different words.

Netease fashion: many people have a specific dream when they are young, such as wanting to be a scientist, star, doctor, etc. what was your dream when you were young?

Prince different: when I was a kid, I was on the basketball team. Playing basketball in the NBA was my biggest dream. My dream is to be a professional dancer, to have my own style and team, to stand on the stage in a very handsome team uniform to participate in the competition, to represent my own city, and even to represent my own country to compete outside one day. Because I like to listen to songs and dance when I was young, I want to be a singer, stand on the stage and become an artist. Different stages will have different dreams.

Netease fashion: whats the habit from childhood to now?

Netease fashion: it has been two years since your debut. How far do you think you are from the standard in your mind?

Prince different: I dont think I can limit myself by standards. First of all, it must be good to have requirements for yourself, but many times this kind of requirements will become a kind of pressure, which will make you lose more creativity. I think its better to try boldly and make your own works sincerely.

Netease fashion: in the pursuit of dreams, do you feel very insecure?

Prince different: I feel very insecure when Im going to go on stage, but when I stand on stage, I feel very confident and confident. Before and after the stage, there is a big difference in state.

Netease fashion: how to overcome the I cant mentality before going on stage?

Prince different: when there is no sense of security before going to the stage, you will practice several times and think about your own stage several times. When you spend more time on this matter, you will have more gains. I think I have to be confident when I come to the stage. I think I can control a lot of things.

Netease fashion: you are constantly challenging yourself and adapting to new roles. The work blame you for being too beautiful that you acted as an actor will be broadcast soon. This is the first time in your life to hang Weiya. How do you feel?

Prince Yi: because Ive always been a little afraid of heights. This film also made me try to hang Weiya. In fact, I was not so afraid as I thought, and I overcame some fears of heights.

Netease fashion: for you, what is the deepest feeling of performance? Whats the difference between a singer and an actor?

Prince different: for me, music is a very self thing. I want to express all my words and experiences in music, but acting requires you to put down some of your own things and make yourself a role. My performance teacher said a word to me - the best state is not to perform, but to really feel the true feelings, the most natural, the most emotional, is from your body. I was particularly impressed.

Netease fashion: why do you want to participate in the singing program of original music works?

Prince Yi: I usually spend a lot of time on writing songs, and I havent brought my works out to you. I think its a good opportunity. I havent been on the stage for a long time, and I miss the stage very much.

03 draw and answer

With the designer jointly design clothing, also personally made their own limited edition sneakers, then what is Ziyis artistic skill? This time, Ziyi was arranged by sister Yi to draw and answer questions at the same time. Can bro stay at the scene this time? Lets look down~

PS: this part was completely answered by bro himself in the process of drawing. As for what he drew, he will know at the end~

Prince different: Warcraft (sister Yi: its this game)

Netease fashion: whats your favorite cartoon?

Prince different: cat and mouse

Netease fashion: what did you do as a child to make you feel worthy of me?

Prince Yi: Rice Fragrance

Prince different: No, very few

Netease fashion: what do you think of fans climbing the wall and Xu Ling?

Prince different: its a good choice

Netease fashion: how much is your selfie?

Prince different: 60 points

Netease fashion: recommend a book to Isee?

Netease fashion: what do your favorite fans call you?

Prince different: brother Wang

04 elder sister Yi

For two years, it was neither long nor short. When I saw Ziyi again, I was very surprised at the changes in him. Although he was still a little shy, it was obvious that his eyes had become more confident and calm since they were young two years ago.

But what hasnt changed is the blazing in his eyes when he talks about his dream. Maybe this is the place where Ziyi has a special sense of youth.

Another thing that touched sister Yi is that its not hard to see that Prince Yi is a boy with strict self-discipline no matter from his work contact or from his presentation on the screen. This sense of self-discipline can not only keep him in full score in front of the camera, but also help him keep moving forward in the pursuit of his dream.

So, please continue to work hard, our white moonlight youth, Prince different.

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Source: Netease fashion editor: Zheng Yan_ NBJS10519