Interview: Ill raise you parents

 Interview: Ill raise you parents

Netease fashion new youth up June issue

Let these beautiful young people like white moonlight

Take you back to the pure good time!

Characters in the fourth issue: Exhibition

From a talent show, we met the big boy with a warm smile - show.

But the private exhibition is still the boy next door who is full of warm energy, infecting everyone with a super sweet smile.

Whether it is a happy display of sunshine at any time, or a display of light and heat on the stage, it is the unique little sun in the eyes of the trumpets.

Do you want to know what interesting things sister Yi and the exhibition talked about? Click on the video to find out

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Please get on the bus for the exclusive interview text version!

Part 1 juvenile you

When it comes to why she can make so many people like it, sister Yi thinks that in addition to the sunny and handsome appearance and the ability to sing and dance, he has a rare juvenile temperament.

Such an exhibition full of youth at any time, what kind of unique cognition does it have in terms of fashion and juvenile sense?

Netease fashion: how do you understand the word juvenile sense? Fans say that your private server is always full of youthful atmosphere. Do you think you are a person full of juvenile sense? In which aspect do you have the most sense of youth?

Exhibition: it looks younger, with thick hair, no baldness, and naive expression. Maybe this is the sense of youth.

No, Im a bit cooler. Its very cold. I dont like to laugh. Im like a shark hand.

Netease fashion: do you think juvenile sense is related to gender and age? How do you think a person can always maintain a sense of youth?

Cast: it doesnt matter. I think the sense of juvenility emanates from it. Of course, it must have something to do with appearance, and its impossible to do with all appearance.

First of all, keep a kind heart. When you treat all people and things, dont try to hurt others. After a long time, you will find that your heart is very clean. In that case, you may have a chance to have a little sense of lack of years. If you still dont have it, it really only means that you are too old

Netease fashion: how about todays clothing and highlights?

Highlights! It is - (touching the face, this is the highlight, or where is the highlight?

Exhibition: its more casual. You need to reveal a little attitude at will. In attitude, you need to reveal a little surprise. Surprise also needs to reveal a kind of casual, that is, a cycle. Can you understand? If you can understand it, you are not bad.

Often pay attention to the official websites of some favorite brands, go to the official websites to see the new products of the season, and then I will pay attention to the price of some fried. Some shoes may be fried higher, and I will analyze the reasons.

Netease fashion: what are the necessary items to go out? If you use single items to show the sense of youth, which ones do you think are essential?

Show: watch it, or a favorite necklace.

Netease fashion: how much do you give your beauty? Boast about yourself with rainbow fart.

Shi Zhan: from being an artist to now, many people have asked this question, but I rarely give an answer. No answer is the best answer, because its so handsome!

Part2 dreamer

For a young boy who is as bright as the sky in May, Idol is not only a journey full of unknown exploration, but also a constant self challenge.

Netease fashion: many people have a specific dream when they are young, such as wanting to be a scientist, star, doctor, etc. what was your dream when you were young?

Netease fashion: because what opportunity makes you want to be an artist? What do you think is the biggest gain brought to you by idolatry?

Netease fashion: whats the biggest change in my life in the past year? What would you say to yourself when you were an intern?

Exhibition: from a new person who doesnt know much, he slowly begins to feel some growth of himself. He has some confidence.

No matter when you are, I think you are the best!

Netease fashion: have you ever encountered pressure or bottleneck along the way? Is there a moment when you cant hold on? How did you overcome it later? Is it because of some people and things that you think all the previous efforts and hard work are worth it?

Exertion: (in case of pressure or bottleneck) there must be, but they can be overcome.

Life is a game. When we play games, we will encounter very difficult times. In our life, we will also encounter very difficult times. I think playing games can overcome it, so we can overcome it in our life. On the contrary, it can be overcome in life and in playing games.

If you work hard for a long time in the future, you can tell mom and Dad that you dont work, and I will raise you, which is actually very happy and worth it.

Netease fashion: joining the variety show the big opening has unlocked new skills, and what different experiences does challenging the identity of actors bring to you? Will you continue to open up your way as an actor?

Performance: its a very happy and satisfying thing to play a role, including watching others.

I want to challenge some of the more gangster characters, such as the feeling of gangster in young you.

Exhibition: I hope I can make a play, a play I like.

The theme of this lie down is draw a childhood dream. In the challenge of drawing and answering questions at the same time, what kind of surprises will be brought by exhibition?

Do you want to know what masterpieces the students painted? Promise me to see the end!

Netease fashion: what is the favorite project in the amusement park?

Netease fashion: what was the most popular game to play as a child?

Exhibition: Counter Strike

Netease fashion: what is the black history you want to delete most?

Exhibition: ugly photos taken by Li Zhenning, Yao Bolan, Shi Mingze and Qu Tianrui

Exhibition: time machine

Netease fashion: rice cake and shaved ice, which is more sticky to you?

Show: plane ice sticks to me, rice cake doesnt stick to me

Netease fashion: four words to describe your game level

Show: I a Zhang high!

Exhibition: a few months, ten months

Netease fashion: what books have you read recently?

Performance: self cultivation of actors

Netease fashion: if you really have the chance to open a shop, E-sports club and milk tea shop, which one would you like to open most?

Netease fashion: what do you think the fans of Prince 9 should be called?

Shi Zhan: Im handsome again today

Netease fashion: use one word to describe your relationship with fans

Show: show affection

Part 4 time shuttle

Under the same post, childhood exhibition vs juvenile exhibition, how do you feel?

It seems that I was a handsome meat eater from childhood!

Part 5 sister Yi

Its very easy to chat with the performer. His ideas are always in the air, with the vitality and happiness of young people.

If you have anything to say to the cast, please leave a message in the comment area. Lets interact together!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Zheng Yan_ NBJS10519