A fighter with a gun in his chest can beat a robber so hard that he cant walk

 A fighter with a gun in his chest can beat a robber so hard that he cant walk

It is reported that on the day of the incident, the lightweight champion parked his motorcycle on the side of the road. While texting his coach and brother, two thugs got out of a nearby car and asked him to hand over his motorcycle key. While carnetti was looking for the key, the assailants suddenly attacked him, and the Argentines fought back.

At that moment, the robber fired at him, and carnetti quickly sought shelter. But one bullet hit him in the chest, and another went over his abdomen. The gunman fled before carnettis brother and coach arrived at the scene.

Carnetti was taken to the hospital.

After the terrible robbery, netizens all sent their blessings to carnetti and expressed their admiration for his vigorous skills. Some netizens also think of Ma Baoguo, a so-called martial arts master who called himself the head of Hunyuans Taiji.

As a professional combatant, their fists are undoubtedly deterrent. If someone tries to plot against them, they may be scared away or beaten to the ground to beg for mercy.

In 2019, Brazilian UFC player bolivana Viana also encountered the same danger as carnetti. A man terrorized her with a handgun made of cardboard, trying to steal property from her. However, Viana saw through his tricks and launched a fierce attack on his face until the gangster begged for mercy and begged her to call the police.

Screenshot of foreign media report.

That day, professional Powell happened to be at the scene. He kicked his gun when the man was unprepared. Then many heroes came forward with a fierce fight. After the man was arrested by the police, his face was covered with blood, he walked out of the gym and was finally sent to the hospital for treatment.

Media pictures showed that when the robber was taken away, he could not even walk steadily. He had to sit on the ground for a few steps. Presumably at that time, he should be grateful for the arrest of the police. If the police didnt arrive at the scene in time, what would happen to the lawbreaker under a group of tough guys? Its hard to say

It is worth mentioning that Trezs record in UFC is not outstanding. But even so, its more than enough to clean up the general ruffians.

It can only be said that the victims of these MMA full-time stubble racks should be the biggest misfortune in the career of the gangsters.

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