Weimi super models body proportion standard exposure!

 Weimi super models body proportion standard exposure!

2u3001 Head shoulder ratio

The standard of head shoulder ratio is that the shoulder width is about 2.5 head width. If it is larger than 2.5, it means wide shoulder; if it is smaller than 2.5, it means narrow shoulder.

3u3001 Waist to hip ratio

4u3001 Leg scale

The perfect leg proportion means that the circumference ratio of thighs, calves and ankles should reach 5:3:2.

Wherever they went, they seemed to be full of fragrance, with special effects of blooming flowers.

Want to be the focus of millions of peoples attention on the street like Weimi supermodel, in addition to trying to control their body and develop a superior posture, adding a walking style for themselves may also be a way to improve the aura.

So, how to keep a clean and fragrant day in a vigorous summer day and walk with fragrance?

You must not miss the fragrance of minisize!

They are small and light, which can be put into your pocket, replenish the fragrance at any time when you need, and keep in good condition all day~

The 15th issue of beauty appraisal team will evaluate 6 mini fragrances. Come and collect them!

VictoriasSecret Lucky Love series double headed ball perfume

Double head design like a pen, super convenient, one is equal to having two, to meet greed and selection difficulties!

One end is LOVE (pink love) perfume, the other end is the new LOVESTAR (Lucky Love) perfume.

Love has a little sour and sweet taste. Its light. Juniper and apricot are added to the fragrance. It has a playful feeling of maidens first love. Its suitable for refreshing summer, with light floral skirt.

Lovestars bottle body has its own metal light, which is more suitable for night parties, with a shiny golden pink dance skirt.

The flower and fruit flavor is rich. Rose and golden apple, Lily and black rum are added to the flavor. Its charming and slightly tipsy!

And the moral of lovestar is also very good - Lucky Love comes from the sky, this years peach blossom luck depends on it!

Anna Sui wish elf Eau De Toilette Limited Edition Portable Travel suit


As long as you always use the wishful spirit, you can always be a girl!

The sweet and fruity fragrance is very lively. The front notes are lemon, peach and Hami melon. Its sweet and juicy.

Just like in the hot summer, while the sun is rainbow and the rain is sporadic, you dont need to hold an umbrella and feel the raindrops dancing around like elves.

French orange flower language iron box


If you let sister Yi recommend the fragrance of cost-effective year, oulong small iron box absolutely has a name!

Sweet and astringent fresh grapefruit, a little sweet and a little bitter taste. Florida pink grapefruit, Italian citrus and Haitian rock orchid are added to the fragrance.

Cabernet orange

This is the bottle that Xu Guanghan took! Feel the fresh boyfriend style~~~

Wuji Wulong

It is quiet and comfortable wood fragrance, gentle and elegant. Italian bergamot, oolong leaf and Central American guaiac are added to the fragrance.

Xinqing time

California summer

The fresh and warm taste is like a beautiful young man in a white shirt in the sun.

Brilliant woody citrus with Italian citrus, Turkish juniper and Haitian rock orchid notes.

Lime with sea breeze

Warm and romantic sweet and sour taste, like the Pink Beach in the sunset, sweet and refreshing. The notes are Mexican lime, Philippine Coconut and Chinese Eucalyptus.

Dark Rose

Short haired women can be sexy and cute, as can Cologne.

Velvet Rose and smoky leather interweave, smell some dangerous and irritating signal. Turkey Rose, Italian bergamot and Indonesian patchouli are added to the fragrance.

Acquidiparma water style series Cherry Blossom


Its front notes are bergamot, citrus and pink pepper. Fresh and lively, but also slightly spicy; medium tune is cherry blossoms and Samba jasmine, soft and sweet; finally elegant musk end, quiet and gentle.

A small bottle, super delicate! Its about the same height as a lipstick. Its convenient to carry in the bag and worth collecting.

&otherstories essential oil ArabesqueWood vine vine pattern

About RMB 150 / 6ml

To be precise, this is a bottle of essential oil.

Its texture is oily liquid, non-alcoholic, more suitable for sensitive muscle spots on the skin. Because of its high concentration, the fragrance has a larger diffusion range and a longer retention time. In addition to skin and clothing, it can also be used on aromatherapy tools, such as aromatherapy stone or aromatherapy machine.

The front notes are lemon, ginger and water, fresh and pure; medium tones add bitter orange leaves and tangerines, slightly bitter sweet taste, and will not be tired after a long time; the latter is amber, oak and aloes, a steady and reassuring lasting flavor.

For example, sister Yi, who is writing a manuscript, has it at hand. When the inspiration is exhausted and the mood is gradually anxious, the taste of it can make me relax immediately.

Zara Rose Eau De Toilette

If you say that you are not convinced, Zaras perfume is very effective.

Such a thin bottle of cream powder, which girl would not look at it more? Concise and comprehensive, called ROSE, is a gentle fragrance of perfume.

Frankly speaking, sister Yi doesnt like the taste of rose very much. She often feels that its so beautiful that she has a headache. So when she sees the word Rose, she will automatically hold her forehead and bypass it. But Zaras rose was a surprise.

It doesnt have too much rose flavor, but from blackcurrant, peony to rose, the fragrance is progressive layer by layer, it is a slightly watery floral flavor, mild and comfortable. Moreover, the ball head can accurately control the dosage, and the spot coating is just right. Finally, it reminds us that the fragrance of minisize is generally used as tonic, after all, the internal capacity is too small to spray all over the body. So every time you just need to paint the wrist, the inside of the elbow, the back of the ear, the clavicle and the back of the knee a little bit, its enough to make the whole person fragrant_ NB12476

It doesnt have too much rose flavor, but from blackcurrant, peony to rose, the fragrance is progressive layer by layer, it is a slightly watery floral flavor, mild and comfortable. Moreover, the ball head can precisely control the dosage, and the spot coating is just right~