Mom musk is a legend in the fashion world

 Mom musk is a legend in the fashion world

Maye musk is 72 years old this year. She is 70 + years old, with silver hair, and is in a brave state. When she was 69 years old, she returned to Taiwan to show for zero + Maria Cornejo in spring and summer 2018, which is incomparable.

Although the skin is no longer as smooth as before, wrinkles are the witness of her elegant aging, firm and bright eyes are brighter than any jewelry.

Lets talk about her legendary life:

Maye started her modeling career at the age of 15 and made it to the Miss South Africa final, becoming the queen of the local Val Regatta.

When all the childrens businesses are booming, maye could have lived in her old age, but she just had to struggle and lead a different life. She decided to go to New York to develop her own model. Her model business spanned more than 50 years, and she was about to enter a rare age. She still frequently appeared on the billboards in Times Square, such as Elle Quebec, New York, zoomer, etc She can always be seen in the annals.

It even appeared in Beyonces music video in 2013.

At the end of last year, an autobiography, awoman makesa plan, was published to record her life.

Even the color pinstripes that seem difficult to control can be held and the air field is fully open.

Silver coat is full of punk feeling, Black Ankle Boots are cool and handsome, yo yo, give you a freestyle~

Maybe one day we will not be young any more, we will lose our bright appearance and grow old gracefully.

Source: Xie Yi, editor in charge of Netease fashion_ NQ4682