Freuds friend remembers his last moment: he never refused to arrest, cried and pleaded

 Freuds friend remembers his last moment: he never refused to arrest, cried and pleaded

Overseas network, June 5 - after Freud, an African American man, was killed by police violence, large-scale protests have spread to more than 140 cities across the United States. Morris hall, a friend who was on the scene at the time of the incident, recalled the last moment before the man was killed on his knees in an interview Wednesday, saying Freud had not resisted or resisted arrest in any way at that time, and was crying while pleading with the police.

According to the New York Post, hall told the media in an interview with Freuds death that from the very beginning, Freud tried to show in the most humble way that he had not resisted in any form or manner. I can hear him pleading, please, officer, whats all this for? He was crying for help because he was dying, Hall recalled, noting that he would always remember Freuds fear.

Hall, 42, was arrested in Houston Monday after being tracked down by police and questioned by Minnesota investigators. A Minnesota official told the New York Times that hall used a pseudonym when Freud was arrested. After a lawyers effort, Holzer was released and returned home. Speaking about it, Hall said he knew investigators would track him. I am the principal witness in the police murder of Freud, and they want to know my point. But whatever I went through, its over now. Bruce Gordon, director of Minnesotas criminal arrest Bureau, said they had tried to reach hall several times after the crime, but it didnt help. Hall responded that he had not answered the phone for a few days after the death of his friend Freud because he was upset.

US media reported Thursday that all four policemen accused of kneeling to kill the black man Freud have now been detained. But Minnesota attorney general Alison said that although all four police officers were charged, the conviction of the police involved in the case will be difficult..