Another black man named Freud is dead! Killed by pepper spray

 Another black man named Freud is dead! Killed by pepper spray

Screenshot of Newsweek Report

According to ABC and Newsweek, the prison authority, the prisoner is JAMEL Floyd, 35. At the time of the incident, he closed himself in the cell and tried to break the windows of the cell with metal objects. Freud is likely to hurt himself or others. The prison guards then pepper it.

The source stressed that the prisoner died of a heart attack. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not related to the death of the new prison, the prison authority said. According to the regulations, the medical staff in the institution immediately inspected the prisoners, and immediately took life-saving measures after finding that Freud did not respond. Staff called emergency medical services (EMS) and continued to work to save their lives. Freud was later taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. There is no evidence novel coronavirus pneumonia is associated with death.

The source also said that before the pepper spray, the prisons force squad examined the history of the prisoner and ensured that he had no allergies to the spray. Police officers spray pepper so they can save him and prevent him from getting hurt without entering the cell.

According to the media, although the police used pepper to suppress the protestors in the American protests, the amount of pepper sprayed by the prison guards on the prisoner Floyd apparently reached a lethal dose. Now, the U.S. Department of justice has stepped in.

Freud, a prisoner, has been in metropolitan detention since October last year. Last year, U.S. Department of justice investigators found that 1700 inmates at the center had been under freezing temperature for a long time since a fire broke out. According to the review, there are long-term problems with the prison heating system.

People protested on the streets (AFP)

After Freud, an American black man, died of suffocation due to police violence, people continued to protest against deeply rooted racial discrimination and police violence in the United States. The death of Floyd, the black prisoner, has aroused a new round of anger, and the protests have continued to ferment in the United States.

Many people said that they saw the similarities between the two Freudian tragedies.

The prisoners mother, Donna mace, told the media she believed her son had been murdered. They killed my son, said the grieving mother. He has underlying disease, they know it, they know he has asthma and diabetes.

Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said Freuds death report was shocking and called for a thorough investigation. Were going to collect all the evidence and video, and were going to have to go through it immediately, he tweeted Rebecca Kavanagh, an American lawyer, tweeted the report and said in an interview with the US media that the death of JAMEL Freud reminds us that the criminal justice system is still indifferent to the lives of black people despite the massive protests against police violence and brutality.