Zhong Meimeis mother: the video is that I let the hidden fear of bad comments affect him

 Zhong Meimeis mother: the video is that I let the hidden fear of bad comments affect him

Wu Qiong told the Beijing news that the video was hidden is not an interview with a child who said on the Internet, but that she asked the child to hide the video because she found that the comments were mixed with good and bad, which had a great impact on the child. Children like to shoot these things, I will not stop them, but I will pay attention to the video again, and then let him send it again.

Wu Qiong did not see the process of video recording. The child usually closed the door and came out in about ten minutes without making a draft in advance. On the future planning of children, Zhong said it was too early to discuss: I dont think my child is angry, he is a child. As long as learning does not decline, I will not care too much about childrens interests and hobbies. Ive always stressed with my child that fire may be a while, and its normal not to fire, and not to let him have too much psychological pressure. Said Wu Qiong.

Zhong Meimei told the reporter of the Beijing news that sometimes she would communicate with her mother when recording the video, and her mother would find someone to imitate him. Her mother could watch it first and release it.

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