Selection of gas stoves

 Selection of gas stoves

Flameout protection is the protection function that the gas stove can automatically cut off the gas source when the flame goes out, so as to prevent the backfire and other safety problems caused by flameout of the gas stove. Now there are two kinds of flameout protection methods on the market: thermocouple flameout protection and ion flameout protection. Compared with them, ion flameout protection is more agile. The first-line brands represented by the king of fire gas stove mostly adopt ion flameout protection.

2u3001 See the way of fire

3u3001 Look at firepower

Generally, the panel bottom of gas stove brand has famous brand logo, and the heat flow of mainstream brand is generally between 3.8-4.2kw, which can be selected according to personal cooking method. However, the most important thing about Chinese cuisine is firepower. For example, Sichuan cuisine, chili only tastes better when it is stir fried. If the firepower is too small, it is easy to turn into cooking. It is difficult to swallow if the taste is not good. If you want to choose a gas stove with a large fire power, you can recommend the fire king touch screen gas stove. The fire power of the fire king touch screen gas stove can reach 5.23kw. Whats the concept of 5.23kw? It is the ultimate standard of the fire power of domestic gas stoves.

The fire king touch screen gas stove inherits the exclusive low flame technology of QN series, the ultimate big fire power of 5.23kw, the cooking is as fast as one minute, and the nutrition and freshness of the ingredients are retained to the maximum extent.

4u3001 See the material

There are three materials of gas stove panel: stainless steel, toughened glass and ceramics. Because the ceramic panel is easy to produce fine lines after being used for a long time, it is rare on the market. At present, the most popular material on the market is tempered glass panel, which is favored by consumers for its beauty and easy cleaning. The whole panel of the fire king touch screen gas stove is made of black crystal toughened glass. Without knob design, it is more beautiful and easier to clean. Three layers of explosion-proof membrane ensure the safety of the panel.

The quality and price of gas stoves on the market are uneven, so we should be very careful when choosing, and never try to be cheap. Once there is a problem with a gas stove, it is not as simple as breaking a gas stove, which may cause incalculable harm to us. Therefore, we must choose a qualified enterprise. Huowang gas stove has been listed as one of the top ten brands of gas stove, which is trustworthy.