Innovative resource sharing platform to share the epidemic response of private enterprises

 Innovative resource sharing platform to share the epidemic response of private enterprises

Zhou Haijiang said that in the face of temporary difficulties brought about by epidemic prevention and control, private enterprises should inherit and carry forward the arduous entrepreneurial spirit of going through mountains and rivers, enduring hardships and hardships, saying thousands of words and going through difficulties and dangers, never forget their original intention and firm confidence, keep the spirit of entrepreneurs and high morale, lead enterprises to follow the trend and change according to the situation, and fight against difficulties and challenges Find the way forward in the struggle.

Zhou Haijiangs teaching has played a driving role in overcoming difficulties, strengthening confidence and scientific development of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has been widely concerned. According to statistics, as of June 4, 220000 people had clicked to watch the lecture through popular science China, Sina News, watermelon video, enterprise cloud class and other live platforms.

The enterprise cloud classroom of anti epidemic and emotional crisis for development is a part of a series of activities on enterprise independent innovation in 2020. It is co sponsored by China Association for science and technology and all China Federation of industry and commerce. It invites well-known experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, heads of chambers of Commerce and party and government officials to give lectures, so as to help the public enterprises accurately grasp the economic and social development situation, learn and make good use of the supporting policies, turn the crisis into opportunity and transform it development.

The video of Zhou Haijiangs teaching course has been uploaded to the enterprise cloud classroom of the innovative resource sharing platform anti epidemic emotional crisis for development, which can be viewed on demand.