U.S. stocks ended mixed, bucking the trend by nearly 7percent, while Ruixing rose 57percent

 U.S. stocks ended mixed, bucking the trend by nearly 7percent, while Ruixing rose 57percent

In Thursdays trading in US stocks, leading technology stocks generally fell, with Apples shares closing at $322.32, down 0.86%; alphabet, Googles parent company, closing at $1412.18, down 1.68%; Amazons shares at $2460.60, down 0.72%; Microsofts shares at $182.92, down 1.32%; Facebooks shares at $226.29, down 1.68%; Oracles shares at $52.85, down 1.20%; IBMs closing It was down 0.12% at $128.89, 1.81% at $414.33, 2.10% at $864.38, 3.33% at twitter, 0.87% at Uber and 4.75% at LYFT.

Most of the leading chips in US stocks rose, with Intel up 1.68% to US $62.97, NVIDIA up 0.01% to US $350.66, Broadcom down 0.21% to US $308.89, Texas Instruments up 1.08% to US $128.58, Qualcomm up 2.29% to US $86.04, amd down 0.19% to US $52.63, micron technology up 6.90% and applied materials up 3.63%.

Chinese stocks listed in the US ended mixed, with Alibaba closing at US $218.04, down 0.26%; JD closing at US $56.52, down 0.37%; Baidu closing at US $109.06, down 3.01%; pinduoduo closing at US $66.27, down 2.76%; bilibilibili closing at US $33.56, down 1.73%; tal closing at US $63.26, down 1.75%; iqiyi closing at US $17.75, down 0.62%; and Who learn closed at $41.40, up 4.81%; Weibo closed at $33.54, up 1.70%; Sina up 0.33%; Sohu up 1.81%; Sogou up 2.99%; Ctrip up 0.54%; 51job down 5.34%; Auto home up 0.82%; 58 intra city down 0.75%, jinshanyun down 6.45%.

Wei Lai auto closed up 6.61% at US $5.97, up 19.15% yesterday. Weilai automobile said yesterday that in May this year, it delivered 3436 vehicles, an increase of 215.5% year on year, a record delivery per month.

Ruixing coffee closed at $4.05, up 56.98%, up 90% at one point in the session, with a market value of $1.025 billion. Some investors believe that the current share price of lucky coffee is still very cheap. Earlier, the companys share price plummeted as a result of a fraud scandal. Although there is no news about the stock today, it has risen for the third consecutive day.

The share price of large US technology stocks put pressure on the market. Facebook and Netflix both fell more than 1.6%. Amazon shares fell 0.7%, while alphabet and Apple shares both fell more than 0.8%.

Earlier in the day, the Nasdaq 100 index hit a new high in the session, but closed down 0.8%. The index consists of 100 largest non-financial stocks in the Nasdaq composite index.

Last week, 1.877 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits for the first time, surpassing Dow Jones estimates of 1.775 million, the labor department said. The number of people who continue to apply for unemployment benefits has risen sharply, reaching close to 21.5 million.

Despite Thursdays decline, major U.S. stock indexes are still rising steadily this week. By Thursdays close, the Dow was up 3.5% this week, while the standard & Poors 500 was up 2.2%. The Nasdaq composite rose 1.3% this week.

Brad McMillan, chief investment officer of the public financial network, an investment firm, said: May is likely to be the turning point of the crisis. By the end of this month, the virus appeared to have been contained and the economy reopened faster than expected. June will tell us whether this trend will continue. But now? It looks much better than we expected a month ago.

Since March 23, the S & P 500 has risen more than 42% and the Dow has risen more than 43%. The Nasdaq composite has risen more than 46% since hitting a low at the end of March.

Phil blancato, chief executive of Ladenburg thalmann asset management, said: the market trades with extreme optimism that I have never seen in my career. In the absence of real data, I have never seen the market trade in this optimistic mood.

Brancato added: what were seeing now is the worst economic data weve seen in our lives. However, our stock market is at an all-time high. The two do not usually appear at the same time. The market either knows something we dont know, or we trade with extreme optimism. (Liu Chun)