There is also an industry chain for poaching, so be careful about privacy being sold

 There is also an industry chain for poaching, so be careful about privacy being sold

The news reported that one day, a couple felt that it was not interesting to roll the sheets on the big hard bed at home every day, so they wanted to make some fun and open rooms in the hotel.

Its true that they are creative to improve their life, but they are old husbands and wives who have been married for 10 years and are used to living frugally. Five star hotel? To clean and sanitary economy hotel? Or will you go to a family hotel? The husband and wife were tangled for a long time. Finally, reason prevailed over romance. The couple decided to go to a family hotel 5 kilometers away from home for a romantic night, saving enough money to buy a transformer for Xiaobao.

Less than 100 yuan, completed the couples wish. Yu Yunwei, one day, his wife was pulled to a QQ group online, found that someone was selling pornographic videos. Out of curiosity, the wife couldnt help but go in and see that the gorgeous heroine was a little familiar. Look again, isnt that body shape and the shape of the Cape the self in the dark?

The wife suddenly felt thunderous, hurriedly called her husband to identify together. My husband almost fainted after watching it. He was right about that paunchy hero. What went wrong? How can we be photographed? Im always at home... Wait a moment, the couple look left and right. This angle and environment is clearly the little hotel where they went to romance last time. Old husband and wife, thats how they got the job.

One time, I received a consultation from a female reader. She and her ex boyfriend decided to break up. After a lot of fighting, the man suddenly thought it over. He asked to see her again at last and let go completely. She also had the last kindness in her heart. She decided to go out with her ex boyfriend once in the hotel, which was the last souvenir for each other.

They couldnt help rolling the bed sheet. In the middle of the way, the man said that he wanted to return a wechat, so he took his mobile phone and used a camera to return wechat to her. At that time, she didnt think much about it. She didnt expect her ex boyfriend would send the video of sex that day to ask for recombination. She also threatened to post the video online if she didnt agree. Fortunately, she was brave and decided to call the police immediately. Her ex boyfriend finally agreed to delete the video completely, but it caused her serious psychological trauma. I cant believe any man now, and I cant start the next relationship. There are boys chasing me, I just feel sick.

A few days ago, the Korean n room incident, which was very popular on the Internet, caused a global sensational sex video scandal by a Korean man who was a direct sales agent. Hundreds of thousands of Korean men got involved in it. It also reminds us that the people with bad intentions are around. They hide the equipment in the corner that you cant imagine, and take the video that you cant face in your life, so as to satisfy their desire for privacy or money.

According to media reports, there are also a lot of illegal photo organizations in China, forming a special criminal industry chain: some people stay in various hotels to install the equipment, some people sell the videos to illegal websites at home and abroad, making profits at a high price.

You see, in the era of the Internet, its so pervasive that you cant be defenseless. Even if you are in a stable intimate relationship and have a fixed sex place, you cant take it lightly. So, how can we avoid being the leading actor and heroine in Xiangyan video when its getting easier and easier? Here are some suggestions to help you:

1. Try to choose Hotels with good formal conditions. Illegal and irregular small hotels are more likely to be secretly photographed.

2. Check the hotel environment before you check in. Check if there are any suspicious places where the equipment is installed, especially near the TV, windows and lamps. You can search for the detection skills of anti poaching on the Internet, and purchase the certified detection equipment (such as e-dog).

Be careful to drive for thousands of years. In this era of the popularity of the technology of secretly shooting, we all need to avoid our privacy being made public, and do not let being photographed become a crutch in our feelings or even in our life.