What about the stink in the sewer? There is no need to be afraid of it, simple installation, strong odor proof and drainage capacity!

 What about the stink in the sewer? There is no need to be afraid of it, simple installation, strong odor proof and drainage capacity!

At this time, it is very simple to install a new floor drain. It is better to solve the installation problem by yourself

It has utility model patent + invention patent + design patent, three patent certifications.

Fast drainage, strong odor resistance

Rotary discharge of anti gravity odorproof sewage

Household products like floor drains, especially those installed in sewers, are mainly cheap and easy to use.

Drainage speed, deodorant effect, easy to clean and rational, durability

360 u00b0 rotation drainage is unstoppable

Its working principle is quite simple. The main part responsible for drainage and deodorization is the built-in rotating fan blade, which works like an umbrella rotating in rainy days.

Let drainage gravity into centrifugal force, accelerate the drainage capacity, so the drainage effect is very good.

When the drainage is completed, the leaves will automatically return to the original state to seal the floor drain.

In the anti Backflow test, there is no liquid flowing out of the pipeline with Wankang floor drain.

Dont worry about blocking it after a long time. When purchasing Wankang floor drain, you will give a hair blocking net, put it above the floor drain, and then cover your own floor drain net.

In addition, it has passed the aerosol test, which can block the aerosol from entering the home through the sewer. You know, aerosols are a great way for viruses to spread.

Install such a small floor drain, you can put an end to aerosols carrying virus into the home, but also drainage odor, three all its beauty!

Floor drain core that can be used directly

Self installation, one finger can be taken out for cleaning

In terms of installation, Wankang floor drain core adopts the simplest installation method to ensure the user plug and play. When cleaning, its OK to carry the small handle for washing.

But before you buy, you should measure the diameter and depth of your floor drain.

Measurement method of caliber size

You can find a toothpick to measure the caliber according to the picture.

You can also measure the caliber with Grandpa Mao of 100 yuan.

There are currently three sizes provided in the small Edition: 38-45mm, 28-37mm, and 50-100mm. The pipe depth of the enhanced edition is required to be greater than 85mm.

In addition, the 50-100mm caliber reinforced drainage is generally a variable diameter type. If you are not sure about the size of the floor drain, you can choose this one and adjust the circle diameter at home.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, but also a fresh home environment!