Han Han insists on keeping fit and returning to the peak of beauty! Im still the boy I used to be

 Han Han insists on keeping fit and returning to the peak of beauty! Im still the boy I used to be

By Kris + exquisite heart

Backstage often has the reader to leave a message, and I exchange the running fitness experience, the fitness, is a cross age matter.

A few days ago, a group of running photos of Han Han were searched on fire. His thin but muscular figure shocked many netizens: is this the middle-aged fat Han Han?

Today, I will take Han Han as an example to talk about running. Han Han, who has lost 40 Jin of weight, is back to the peak of beauty value. Its really burning!


In 1999, the first new concept composition competition opened, Han Han surprised the jury with a piece of peeping into the cup, and won the first prize of the competition. The next year, he voluntarily dropped out of school and published the novel triple gate, which quickly became popular all over the country and ranked first in the best seller list.

As an adult, Han Han is brilliant. He is a writer, a director, and a fast-paced professional driver on the racing track. He lives up to the wind.

But excellent as Han Han, can not escape the years. Middle age, he gradually round!

Xiaoshuo program, Han Han self mocked that he was too fat to appear in the mirror: really has passed, no matter how to eat can maintain the weight of 120 Jin age

It can be seen in peoples eyes that Han Han has grown from a handsome young man to a greasy and fat middle-aged uncle.

Years have increased his mind and his waistline.

One fat destroys all. Is it the fate of men to grow swollen in middle age?

In 2019, Han Han and Shen Teng together publicized the new film flying life. Looking at this photo, some netizens once joked that Han Han, the fat man of literature and art, and Shen Teng, the former military art school grass, stood side by side and had the appearance of Hefei.

But a year later, Han Han lost weight quickly and became a shocking figure.

In 2012, Han Han took part in the Shanghai marathon and ran healthily, but he couldnt run often because of his busy work. With his daughter Han Xiaoye, he became the national father-in-law of netizens, once comfortably fattening down.

But the subsequent obesity will affect the health of the body, so that he finally began to change.

Its not a mistake to get fat in middle age, but if you let it go, it will make people compromise to laziness.

In order to be healthy, Han Han is determined to lose weight and start again with a light attitude. So he put on his running shoes and came out of the Jianghu again. At the beginning, it was not very smooth. His running performance was not as good as that of his school days, which made Han Han unacceptable. He even suspected that his counting table was broken.

A few days after running 5 kilometers, Han Han suffered from lumbago and leg pain like ordinary people. He sighed with emotion: people will definitely step back. If they dont work hard, all the natural growth in the world with you should be all kinds of pain.

There are difficulties, but he didnt give up. He began to take time to train, watch some materials and videos, and learn to practice running in a more scientific way.

Step by step, let him finish 5K in 18:36, with an average pace of 3:43, close to the level of national professional level III athletes.

The fat face and belly are gone, and the greasiness of middle age is gone. Successful weight loss of 40 Jin, body fat down to 10% below, abdominal muscles clearly visible.

At the age of 38, Han Han seemed to return to his youth with high spirits.

The beauty of sports is that you can see the result of your efforts, Han said. In life, although we need to work hard, a lot of efforts are useless. The more we work hard, the more wrong we are. The more we care about what we lose, the scientific movement will give you positive feedback. Its a rare echo in the world.

How about middle age? Get rid of the fat, you are the young man.


In middle age, we have to admit that every time you get fat, you will experience a baptism of spirit and flesh. Because, in middle age, you have the chance to be too variable and fat.

First of all, your metabolism slows down. Second, you have more meals. Third, you have less exercise time. Finally, your old attitude of looking for a girlfriend when you were young has been worn away by marriage and children.

Running is not only a hobby, a way of life, but also a stimulant that can give people infinite strength at any time.

There is another important reason to make your energy better and better: because running forces you to go to bed early and get up early. After running at night, you can take a bath and fall asleep very well, but you can get up early if you go to bed early.

Plus my wechat friends always ask: how do you often send a circle of friends at 4 or 5 oclock and stay up so long? Wrong, because I got up at that time!

As one marathon runner said, people dont stop running because they are old, but they do..

Say goodbye to boredom, eliminate bad habits, do not control weight, how to control self-discipline and discipline of life

It is said that a middle-aged man cant refuse to grow old. But to serve the old doesnt mean to let it go, but to let the old speed a little slower and a little slower on the premise of accepting the trend of growing old.

The heart of change is very important, and the line of change is more crucial.

Someone must have said, who cant do it? The problem is that I cant do it?!

Very understanding.

Back to myself, many people paid attention to me because of the weight-loss label that year. I lost 20 jin in a month, which is really crazy.

But unfortunately, thats the past time, and it was done before I was 30 with a good metabolism.

Later, because of my doctors exam, I gained half my weight in half a year. In addition, my second child was born, I was transferred to work, and I felt sick after working overtime. I could only look forward to the story of losing weight that year.

However, middle-aged men can be bald, but never fat.

Because, being fat means that you cant control your desire and go against the current. Even if you have enough money, you will become more and more bloated. That kind of fat state sitting in a BMW is something I cant ask for. (although BMW has not...)

Although I havent achieved my goal of reducing fat yet, I am confident that I can get it done soon according to the current progress. Someone asked how to do it?

Let me share with you:

Just like my biggest motivation to lose fat is two:

One is that when my wife configures family insurance, I lose too much weight, which leads to a large increase in premium. For money, I lose!

Second, when taking family photos and personal business photos, its very unpleasant to think that Im going to take photos with a small belly. For the sake of image, Ill reduce it!

Make sure that the goal is quantitative enough. For example, the goal I set during phase II of phase 108 is to lose 20 kg of weight, and record it on the weight meter every day.

The first thing I do every morning is to measure my weight on an empty stomach. Its really cool to feel that my efforts are fruitful if I fall down a little bit!

(3) A person thin very lonely, want to let the people around thin down together!

To exercise, environment is very important.

After all, a person is very lonely when exercising, especially for a long time, its easy to slack off. So, I make plans with love, supervise and remind each other, husband and wife are concentric, and their benefits are 20 jin!

Of course, I also took my colleagues around me and shared with them my experience of fat loss. I also had a variety of photos of sharp and thin, so that we could carve ourselves again before summer.

(4) Running and fitness should be scientific so as to get twice the result with half the effort

Many peoples running and fitness come with their own temperament. Whether its diet, running or fitness, they dont pay attention to science, but only to recklessness, which causes many people to spend a lot of energy, but still have no effect.

(5) Finally, its important to use imagination to encourage yourself when you are about to give up

What do you mean?

When I was trying to lose weight, one of the great tools of my mind was to imagine that I had abdominal muscles, especially when I thought of my son lying on my body, touching me and asking me, Dad, this is god horse? Then I said proudly to him:

Son, this is your fathers abs!


Well, todays chicken blood is almost here.

My wife and I often take our children to a nearby shopping mall, and we find a phenomenon that is:

I admit that after being a father and mother, time and energy will be affected, and the pressure of work and family will increase, but these are not excuses for us to become fat.

The so-called broad mind and fat body is just that you are looking for words for your laziness.

People who really know how to enjoy life will give priority to their sense of achievement after controlling their desires instead of cheating themselves with the so-called let it be.

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