You look quiet, most beautiful

 You look quiet, most beautiful

There has always been a desire, only to smell flowers, not to talk about joys and sorrows, to live quietly, and to live every day like flowing water. Reading, drinking tea, writing, listening to music, enjoying flowers and grass, enjoying mountains and rivers, I spent my life peacefully and gracefully, because I always think that a persons quiet appearance is the most beautiful, the quiet state is the best, and the quiet life is the most perfect.

Perhaps, some people will say, people are not plants, how can we not be noisy? How can we not be noisy when people are noisy. Yes, so, in this troubled world, how special and noble those who can be quiet seem to be. As mard said, living in the material world of noisy utensils, it is a legend to be quiet. If one has not little, he can still be quiet, and stay dull, it is a legend.

Perhaps, one day, you will understand that the most important thing for a person is not how much material wealth he has, not how many wonderful sceneries he has seen, but how much inner world he has and how noble his moral character is, and how quiet he can be at any time.

Looking up at the starry sky, the earth is a gift from the universe to human beings; looking down, one flower and one leaf are gifts from nature to human beings. If you are in a hurry and cant calm down, how can you have such a simple and profound perception? How can you feel and experience the power of truth, goodness and beauty if you are used to pushing the cup and changing the cup all day long and cant stay still with yourself?

Silence is a virtue, loneliness is a realm, loneliness is a joy, quiet is a cultivation.

I never expect that life can be as long as an endless dream; I never admire those who are high above but live like a corpse; I never think that frequent social activities can make friends all over the world; I never believe that we can find friends in the noise.

If you can, this life, I just like flowers quietly open, like grass quietly tenacious, like a tree quietly high. Even if the colorful open, and ultimately all to the ruins, then what? At least the mission of life has not been fulfilled, there is a quiet and prosperous bloom.

If I could, for the rest of my life, I would like to shake the boat of life, the oar of the soul from the table, into the deep place far away from the impetuous lotus flowers, the horizontal wind is still, the fish is flying on the shallow bottom, the gulls and herons are startled, I close the eyes of the world, open the eyes of the soul, and enjoy the luxuriance and quiet of life.

If someone asks how to live a life like and how to be the most beautiful self, I will tell him that when you are alone, you are the most like yourself and when you are quiet, you are the most beautiful.