The way you speak determines your destiny

 The way you speak determines your destiny

How good the tone is, how good the luck is.

Different tone, different effect of speaking

There is no lack of people with a knife mouth and a bean curd heart in life: Although my mouth is mean, I am kind.

In fact, theres nothing to show off.

words are the voice of the mind. No matter what your original intention is, a knife is a knife. The wound it cuts is real. No matter how good the feelings are, they cant stand the bitterness every day.

Language can warm the heart, can also be sad. The same meaning, say it in different tone, the listener will have different feelings.

Language is the best way to expose a person. As long as you speak, I can understand you, Ben Jonson said

Speak well, in a gentle voice, showing respect and consideration for others.


Your tone is what you look like in your heart

There is a saying: when you speak, you know; when you are silent, you know. The wise and sensible know how to speak more properly.

Speak appropriately and sincerely

Language is the way for the world to know you.

What you say is in the eyes of others. Just as a person always lies, as time goes by, people think he is a liar, and no one will trust him to tell the truth.

Speaking in a proper and sincere manner is not a smooth, routine, but a real emotion from the heart.

Playing mind and eye to learn power and skill can only lead to your own improper mind. If you lie, you will ruin yourself sooner or later.

Sincerity is better than skill.

The tone is not good, it is very hurtful, after all, no one likes sarcasm.

Think about it before you speak. You may as well think about it from the other sides perspective. The source of desperate disease is not when there is no time to think, but when there is time to think.

Speak well to family, command less and satire less; speak well to friends, dont be impatient and dont complain; speak well to strangers, understand respect and tolerance.

The child came home late, can say: come back so late, mom and dad are very worried about you. Not: next time you come back so late, youll never come back! The old man likes to nag. He can say, Mom, I have a good life. Dont worry! Instead of: Mom, youre so upset. Dont worry about my business in the future. If you dont finish what you told your friends to do, you can say, whats the difficulty next time? Lets solve it together. Instead of: I cant do such a small thing, and how can I trust you!

The heart has good thoughts and the mouth spits out lotus flowers. In fact, mood is only a surface problem, and the deep root lies in the heart.

A good tone starts with cultivating the mind. Let the mind be flat and relaxed. Heaven and earth have no troubles. Why not go to the world with good words.


The tone of your voice determines your luck

People often say, your fate depends on what you say to people.

What you say to others, you have what kind of life.

In this epidemic, the performance of each individual is different.

Some time ago, there was a video swiping online. The woman in the video came from Thailand and was told by the epidemic prevention personnel that she needed to be quarantined for 14 days. The woman didnt take it seriously and even scolded the front-line staff.

Such people are always full of resentment and spread all kinds of negative energy. In some places, they are mean in speech and put their own personal interests above social security.

At the critical moment, the tone exposed the character.

A cultured person, no matter how emotional or stressed, will know how to speak calmly. With people in mind, natural things are also principled and more reliable.

A good mood brings goodwill to others, but it also brings goodwill to others. A bad mood only makes people far away from you.

So, people with good tone will have a wider life path.

Im in a state of confusion. Speak slowly