Whats the best thing youve done as a teenager?

 Whats the best thing youve done as a teenager?

By Mark Lee

Then one day, some girls pulled her to the womens toilet, pulled her hair and asked her to taste the feces accidentally touched on her shoes. I stopped them when I was going to the toilet. I didnt know where the courage came from. I took this girl to the stage of the class and told the class that you were insane. Later, I would bully her and deduct it for you, because what school was that The team leader came and supervised the evaluation of everyones conduct, so no one dared to provoke me. I will talk to her as soon as I have time after class. I will teach her to fold paper cranes and talk about popular things. She was very resistant at first, but also very able to talk later.

We have a long way to go in and out of school. Their home is far away. Im afraid that the little boys will bully her on the road. Ill take her home and Ill go back. Once I met her mother, I had to take me to her home for dinner, and then I followed her. In fact, the decoration of their home must have been very rich. Before I left, I said to her mother, their home is beautiful, and the rice cooked by my aunt is delicious. thats what I said A woman wearing simple clothes can really hold me for a long time. I dont remember crying or not. I shouldnt cry. After so many years, where are tears. She said thank you, always said thank you.

It wasnt long before I moved after junior high school. Once in a while, I went back to my old house to have a look. When I met this girl, I had a chat and knew that she was no longer in school. She chose to help her mother at home. Later, when I was in high school, I hardly had time to do anything else. My mother sometimes went shopping when she passed her shop, chatting by the way. There was no use for those things at home, but the mother and daughter got money. It wasnt long before her shop collapsed. The girl went to learn to make up. She sold that kind of cheap make-up products in a wholesale market here. I met her once. I just finished the college entrance examination at that time. She was very good at making up. I told her that your make-up was really good. She held my hand and asked, can college students make up? Ill give you a bunch of things if I can. It was the last time we met.

People often say that the distance between life and death is the farthest. I dont think so. I think the farthest is the distance between life and death. When chatting the other day, my mother said that you still remember XX (the girl)? She has a second child. Its full moon. To be honest, Im not shocked. Although its necessary to discuss whether the marriage is legal to have a child at our age, who cares except the law on paper? Its just a couple of words. I went back to my room and did IELTS listening. Its a bit ironic. In the earphone, I heard my aunt say: Thank you.

Fortunately, I watched her being bullied in silence. My mother told me the story of a girl. My mother said that the word lucky is the most expensive gift in the world. Unfortunately, she didnt get it, but you have, and you have the right to give it to others. Luck is the most precious gift that few people will get. And this lucky share to others, their own weight will not be less, but the gift giver and the recipient will get another Grace - happiness.

So I think the best thing Ive done is learn to share. So how about you?