Its too sweet to fall in love with people who respond to everything

 Its too sweet to fall in love with people who respond to everything

A girl posted several screenshots of chatting with her boyfriend on her microblog.

Boys will take her to hot pot and barbecue, and buy her pancakes and soymilk;

Girls want to have KFC breakfast, he bought it and waited for her in the shop;

When a girl wants to go to Disney, the boy buys a ticket and a hairband to wait for her at the gate of Disney;


And so on, there are many more.

Although these things are not very expensive.

I love you more than the expression of a sense of security is: everything has a statement, everything has a landing, everything has a response.

Respond to your missing

A lot of times, we think of a person clearly, but we can only hold it all, Gu said about him.

Im afraid that my emotions will disturb each others lives, and Im afraid that Ill be bothered and affected by them. How long does it take to leave.

In this way, I know that I am not your burden, I am not a person in the emotional flood.

In this way, I know that you are also thinking about me. I didnt disturb you.

In this way, I dare to say to you loudly, I miss you!.

Respond to your sharing

Girls are the most sensitive creatures in the world.

When she shares happily and wants to express her joy as much as possible, she is full of expectation and waits for the reply from the other party, but only one word comes: Hmm.

Taking the initiative for too long will be very tired, no one can always maintain enthusiasm in front of perfunctory, she is the same.

No longer cling to you, no longer tell you what she has done, no longer ask you to do anything.

I like that you have made her lose her armor and show her weakness; if she cant be held in your hand, she can only take care of her life.

But love itself is a process of adding trouble to each other, hating each other, and enjoying each others trouble.

When one of them doesnt bother the other, you can be alone in everything, dont dislike you anymore, but dont depend on you anymore, then I think this relationship will probably come to an end.

If everything can be done by oneself, if all the pressure is carried by oneself, all the happiness is shared by oneself, then what to do with your partner is not better.

The essence of love, is because of you, I become irrational.

You are the only one who can make me unable to support myself, so you are my love.

Respond to your concerns

Smoking more hurt the lung;

However, only those who like you can expect you to be better.

Your little habits, your bad temper, she has no requirements, gradually numb.

Well, she doesnt care about all of you anymore.

Respond to your efforts

In fact, memory can be deceiving. What you have done for each other can easily be counted.

And the other side pays for you, because in subconscious will increase your sense of debt and guilt, so the brain is inclined to forget them.

But the one who can respond to your giving is not out of human nature.

But, even if together for a long time, or take you as a child, test good reward, test bad encourage.

Respond to your vulnerability

When a girl confides and complains to you, what she really needs is not why, but what happened.

Unlike boys, girls think more in an emotional way. They will receive information from the emotional dimension and output information from the emotional dimension.

It is because girls are good at perceiving problems from emotional aspects that they are more likely to feel fragile, lost and insecure emotions.

Once these feelings appear, what she needs most is not material support, nor chicken soup, but someone who can pay attention to her current mood in time and give her the response she should have.

Because they have no expectations.

But I think the love of everything has expectation, everything has response is more fascinating than that of nothing to expect.

Its because of the cold and sad expectation and the response that cant be received again and again, so the person who will respond to everything seems so precious and beautiful.

As the saying goes:

I said I want to eat watermelon, and then I really have watermelon. Im happy not because there are watermelons to eat, but because I know someone is spoiling me.

Seriously, I hope there will always be such a person around you.

Click [look] and Im sure you will meet such a person. He will fill his pocket with sugar and sprinkle it all the way, so that you, who are walking with him, can be sweet to your heart.