When did you decide to give up a person?

 When did you decide to give up a person?

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When he deleted all contacts and blackmailed my phone.

If you have enough disappointment, give up. When he kept avoiding me, I felt that I couldnt love him any more, and my parents strongly opposed it. My family was not so good, so I was afraid that I would suffer from hardship when I married. Besides, the boys in love would not protect me, and they would give up when they were disappointed. My happiness will come back.

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We love each other, at least I think. He will be tolerant if he is grumpy and reckless. He will understand if he is unreasonable. When I come back from school, I remember to bring my favorite snacks. I will make decisions on everything. I am crazy and happy that he will finally appear in the future. But everything has changed since I graduated home, which really caught me off guard. He who never loses his temper will be angry with me because of small things. He who never lets me make up his mind cant listen to me. He who wants to graduate and get married has no future plan at all. He only remembers my existence every night in other places. What is the chat content? What did you eat? I am going to bed! I began to be afraid, afraid of regret, afraid of missing, afraid of meeting the right person at the wrong time. I was restrained, forbearing, tolerant, but finally defeated by cold violence. Then I understood that for so long, he had never defended me, expressed his feelings to his family, added me to his future life, just immersed in the fantasy of love, you will never be able to Imagine how terrible a boy who doesnt take the initiative is. At that moment, I know that our five years are over.

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Maybe its when I cant believe him anymore.

A greasy uncle took advantage of me and told him sadly that he didnt pay attention to me

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Lets be disappointed again and again. When he missed my withdrawal, he had to ask for the bottom of it, even if I just typed a wrong word, but now its not necessarily that he cant return it. He used to go to bed with me, but now its not necessarily that he cant answer the phone. A lot of this contrast, Ive seen him care about the deep feeling and perfunctory.

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At the moment when his circle of friends announced his new love, he decided to give up.

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When I was crying, his heart was cold.

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He said he couldnt let her go.


A glimpse of the rest of my life.

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My roommate asked if she would be gay. She said, no, she said that she might think a girl is cute and likes her very much, but she would never love her. When I heard this, I didnt want to give up loving her. But when I felt that I was just one of her many friends, just a little bit in her social circle, my nose was really sour If I disturb you, I wont pester you any more. I realize that its not the same from the beginning to reread our original intention

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Uncle said: if a relationship makes you no longer like yourself, then you should not hesitate to give up. Because the real good love, will let you feel the care, will also let you meet the better oneself. Deep love, after all, cant resist the disappointment. If you have enough disappointment and broken heart, turn around and leave, never look back, because that person is not worth it.