Have you ever noticed the way you go to work every morning?

 Have you ever noticed the way you go to work every morning?

For the rest of his life, he spent imitating himself.

ay in and day out,

More mechanical, more pretentious

Repeat what they did in their lifetime,

What you think, what you love and what you hate.

Think it sounds too desperate?

Maybe the Danish photographer Peter funch

It will be more intuitive

A kind of


The same headset, the same expression


Starbucks coffee twice a month

Five years later, its like changing the company uniform

This is from photographer Peter funch

Stranger shooting plan

From 2007 to 2016

Faithfully record the state changes of pedestrians in a stage

Just repeating the same day

No beautiful front page

No ups and downs of the story

Become a copy machine of own

To be sure, rules and order are very important

A regular and peaceful life is what many people want


Dont be pushed by inertia

Forget the feeling of surprise and heart


The moment to open a gift

Overturn the moment of comeback

A tense moment

When the task is completed and checked

To experience those precious moments of blood

Because of these moments

We have the courage to face the emptiness day by day