What happened to the woman who often went to bars? I interviewed 10 experienced women

 What happened to the woman who often went to bars? I interviewed 10 experienced women

Anyway, after a few words of conversation, the reader began to feel uncomfortable all over, so he directly refused and left after buying a single.

This time, the studio interviewed 10 women with similar experiences to see how they all narrated their pastu2014u2014

@Anonymous 29 year old confidential Co., Ltd. Shanghai

Usually I like to play, so I often go to the bar when I am free.

Then, he immersed in the world of red wine and noise.

At the end of the drink, I was a little tipsy, and I realized that it was not clear.

I heard him say something in a daze. Ill take you to have a rest. I dont remember anything later.

When I woke up the next day, I found that I was lying naked on the bed and there was no one beside me.

Looking back, I found that I was raped after being drugged.

Because in the middle of the drink, I went to the toilet, probably not long after I came out.

I didnt dare to call the police, and I was afraid to let people know. After that, I never went to the police again.


@Kiki 27 years old confidential coordinates Chongqing

When I havent been in love, I will go to the bar every three to five.

I feel that there are all kinds of people in it. They have special meaning.

Later, when I met my boyfriend in the bar, I added wechat when I thought they could talk. After a while, they were together.

He is usually very good to me, many things will spoil me and let me, basically what I want he will try to meet.

But one day he told me that I hope I dont go to bars anymore. I think hes very funny.

We met at the bar at the beginning. Now youre in front of me. Dont be ridiculous to say these righteous and awe inspiring words to me!

He explained to me that it was his first time to go to a bar. A friend had to take him to the bar. After that, he never went there again.

But he is him and I am me. Why does he ask me to do this?

Were just in love. Whats my freedom to marry him? Whats the meaning of life without freedom?

@Anonymous 25-year-old confidential coordinates Hunan

A few days ago, because I was not in a good mood at work, I went to the bar next to my home to borrow some wine.

That night, I drank a little more than usual.

Finally drink a little confused, and think of the second day to go to work early to go back, on the stumble to go home.

When walking on the road, there are few people who are a little out of the way.

A strange man came up to me and suddenly accosted me and hugged me, saying that he would take me home so late.

I refused, but the more I refused, the harder he got.

He just yanked me aside, took off my clothes and pants and kept touching my chest and lower body.

At that time, my mind was a little clear. I was really afraid that he would rape me.


@Purple flower 32 years old confidential coordinates Zhejiang

I dont have any feelings for him at all. He needs to travel a lot in order to pass the time, so he often goes to the bar.

At the beginning, the frequency of going was not very high.

Im used to it. I feel very uncomfortable if I dont go for a long time.

He knew that I went to the bar. He didnt care about it for several times, so he didnt want to talk about it. He just asked me to drink less and protect myself.

But I dont know how often I go, and I dont know that Ive had sex with other men. Theres more than one.


@Anonymous 26 year old confidential coordinates

I went there once and thought it was more fun than I thought.

In fact, in the bar, there are quite a lot of good-looking men with good figure. I really have no resistance to these men.

As long as they talk to me, Ill take the bait, as long as I like it.

last? Playing with so many men has been infected with several kinds of sexually transmitted diseases!

If I had known it would have been like this, I would not have messed up.

I dont know who I can tell when I get sick after doing this. Its probably my own fault.


@Anonymous 20-year-old second coordinate Jilin

Im not bad and young. There are many men who invite me to drink in the bar and pursue me.

Once before, a handsome man came to chat with me and said he wanted to know me.

He looks handsome and has a good figure. He doesnt talk as silly as other men. The key is that the watches he wears are not cheap.

Anyway, I was immediately attracted to him.

After adding wechat, he told me directly after chatting for a day, and I just agreed.

I called him the next day and didnt reply when I called and sent wechat. Ive been calling all the time. Maybe Im bored and scared.

He replied that hes just for fun. Dont take a woman who can go to a bar seriously, is she just going to bed? What a big deal!

I didnt know how to retort when he said that.


Not a summary

Although, its not proper to go to the bar.

But people who go to bars too often, men or women, are not very desirable. On the one hand, it is for their health, on the other hand, it is for their living habits.

When a woman goes to a bar alone, how many of them are deliberately drunk or raped after being drugged, how many are sexually transmitted diseases, how many are pregnant and dont know who is the father of the child, and how many of them break up the family?

This kind of news is really everywhere. Why dont some women pay attention to it?

If you want to drink, you can buy your own beer and red wine to go home and have a good drink. If you are drunk, you can go to sleep regardless of your image, or get drunk.

I really want to go. I can go with my trusted friends.

Try to drink as little as possible. Dont leave the glass out of your sight. Dont talk too much with the men who come up to chat with you casually. Most of the men who chat with you in the bar have clear intentions.

You should know that many people in this world are not as simple as you think. Do not challenge human nature!

Otherwise, in the end, you will regret yourself.

Want to see what happened to the man who used to hang out in the bar? Yes, Im reading the newspaper. GZH: Xiaoan Leon