Beijing University girls as agents to sell 227 suites: making money is the mission of the times

 Beijing University girls as agents to sell 227 suites: making money is the mission of the times

Many netizens exclaimed: it seems useless to read. Gaocai students in Peking University are not the same as those who come out to buy a house.

It is understood that Huang can, a real estate agent in Beijing, has sold 227 second-hand houses, 7 new houses and 21 houses for rent.

According to the calculation of netizens, even if it is calculated by 6 million yuan per set, the house she sold has reached 1.3 billion yuan. According to 1% commission, the pre Tax Commission is up to 13 million yuan

Liu Shuang, a graduate of Xian Foreign Studies University, is the main character of the other news. Liu Shuang, 32, who is proficient in English and French, was once an employee of a well-known communication company in Shenzhen and is responsible for maintaining customer relations in Kenya.

These two news have aroused great repercussions on the Internet. Many netizens criticized them, saying that they would not do a good job, to do these unskilled jobs, sorry for the cultivation of the state and parents.

There are also many netizens who support them. They believe that work is no matter what it is. As long as they make money reasonably and legally, there is no need to attach an inexplicable sense of moral superiority.

As a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Lu Buxuan is as like as two peas in the past.

Peter Drucker, a master of management, once said that what really matters is not the trend, but the change of the trend.

In my opinion, what you should really see is the trend change behind these hot events.

There have been more and more similar events in recent years:

The 32-year-old doctor of world history of Yanbian University sent Express; the graduate of Beijing Forestry University sent Express back to his hometown; the doctor of physics of Tsinghua University worked as a teacher in a middle school; the post-90s college students gave up their jobs in Beijing and went back to their hometown to run farms

This is likely to be a turning point in the employment trend. In the future, it will be more and more common for highly educated talents to sink into service industry, agriculture, primary and secondary education and other industries. Highly educated talents that were not seen in many industries in the past may become more and more common.

In the future, these sinking highly educated talents will inevitably become the backbone of the transformation of all walks of life, and also the leaders of all walks of life in the future.

OK, lets talk about why more and more talents will sink into these industries. What trends does this represent? What changes will ordinary employees face? What strategies should we adopt?


On the one hand, all industries need to be further upgraded to introduce talents to prevent involution; on the other hand, due to the impact of epidemic situation and global economic downturn and other factors, coupled with the large-scale enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, the original employment market cannot absorb so many highly educated labor, so college students will inevitably sink.

Anti Involution:

The pattern of employment competition will change significantly

In the future, you may not be able to work hard or work hard.

Because the overwhelming majority of people are facing a trend that many industries are anti involution, and the competition in the workplace will be more intense.

What is Involution?

I once saw a piece of material on the Internet to explain why capitalism sprouted in the Qing Dynasty, but industrialization did not appear, while industrialization appeared in Britain at the same time.

Because the population of Qing Dynasty was too large and the labor cost was very low, to expand the scale of production, we only need to expand the number of employees or extend the working time of workers. We all know that demand is the mother of invention. Without demand, it means that no one will find a way to study invention.

But by increasing the number of employees and expanding the scale of production, we will meet the limit. When it reaches a certain level, it will not be sustainable.

But the situation is quite different in the UK. The labor cost in the UK is more expensive. Factories mainly want to expand production and increase the cost of 100 workers, which may be much more expensive than a machine. With the demand, a large number of talents will be put in to study how to improve efficiency.

This is called Involution, which means that when the society develops to a certain extent, it will be plagued by the old model, unable to transform to a higher model and lock itself in a low-level state.

Its not only the development of society, but also many industries. Its very difficult to continue relying on the expansion of the old model alone. However, many industries in China have just reached this stage. Relying on mechanical expansion, there is no way to upgrade the industry.

If we fall into the trap of Involution, how can we change it? The most important way is to inject foreign resources. The resources here can be physical, financial, technical or human resources.

These industries have long lacked significant evolution, and most enterprises want to expand just by recruiting more people. But with the increase of labor cost, it is more and more difficult to expand through multi recruitment. Therefore, its better to pursue the quality of people and bring new development to the industry than to pursue the quantity of people.

Maybe someone will continue to ask, what does this have to do with me? Its a big deal!

The competitive pressure of many people will increase significantly, and the industry competition will be more full.

But things will change a lot in the future.

As you know, the number of college graduates this year has reached 8.5 million, and colleges and universities are still expanding their enrollment.

All industries are facing more full competition. In the past, if there is sufficient competition, the competition will be more full; in the past, industries that can work well if they do anything at will will also begin to struggle. Those jobs with the highest profits are likely to be taken away by those with higher quality labor.

It can be predicted that those who muddle through the day only need to compete with those who are diligent before. Five years and ten years later, they need to compete with those who are diligent, high-quality, adaptable and capable of learning.

In short: its getting harder and harder to get around.

Its not what platform youre on that matters

Its about what technology you have and what value you provide

They think thats how they can live a better life and have a better future.

But with the development of society, the original economic pattern is changing, which means that the situation is changing. If you still use the old thinking to apply for a job, there will be the risk of being eliminated.

The relationship between employees and the platform will become more and more loose, even more and more outsourcing and part-time jobs. To see if you can make money, its not what platform you work for or what job you are engaged in, but what value you provide to the society and how much money the value itself is worth.

Because the platform and the company may not be reliable. What you can rely on is your own technology and the value you can provide.

My hometown is Dongying, Shandong Province. This is the location of Shengli oil field. When I was a child, I studied in a local oil field primary school.

There are three kinds of students from the school, the first is the oilfield children, whose parents are basically oilfield workers; the second kind is the children whose parents work in local government, institutions and state-owned enterprises; the third kind is my kind, whose parents do business in the local area, which is collectively referred to as self-employed children.

At that time, I was young, but I also envied the oilfield children, and I had a hidden desire to become an oilfield worker in the future.

But this desire was broken quickly. The reason is very simple. The benefits of oil fields are declining. Not only are the benefits not as good as they used to be, but they are even cutting jobs and salaries. This background is the decline of the profitability of state-owned enterprises in China. The key words of that era were laid-off employees and reemployment of laid-off employees

Later, along the way to middle school, University and graduate students, my career ideal was that most Shandong children would have the idea of entering the system and becoming a public rice eater.

After graduation, I went to work as a reporter in an industry newspaper. When I took part in the work, it was 2016. With a monthly salary of 3600 yuan in Beijing, I suddenly found that the work in the original system was not so popular.

At this time, the decline of traditional media is going faster and faster. In the foreseeable five years, the newspaper of our unit may become more and more difficult. (the young people who came in at the same time with me are almost gone.)

At that time, an Internet company happened to poach me to be responsible for the production of online content and give me a monthly salary of about 30000 yuan, so I decided to change my job, even though I lost 200000 yuan.

Behind this is the decline of traditional media, such as newspapers, and the rise of Internet enterprises and new media industries.

I later found that the original organizations ability to resist risks was not so strong, and the revenue in the company was not so large. Its better to jump out of the company and start your own business and earn a lot.


Although my monthly salary is only 5000, but I am a civil servant of XXX unit, so you have to look at me higher

Your first intention is to make money, not a sense of superiority

Many people lack market thinking and still make money. They attach too many inexplicable sense of moral superiority.

Although my monthly salary is 8000, and my mother who sells pancakes is 30000, I am a white-collar worker, so I am senior;

This reminds me that at the beginning of the reform and opening up, the market economy started. The income of high-end talents was suddenly surpassed by the low-end ones. Many people have strong dissatisfaction with the so-called its better to build missiles than sell tea eggs.

The subtext is that the missile maker is higher than the tea egg maker. I dont know where its going. How can the income be lower than you?

Of course, we must admit that missiles are really powerful and valuable to both the country and the people. But its not entirely the case for the market, let alone divide people into 369 grades.

Many people have a mindset that rocket building, artificial intelligence and cloud computing are high-level, while box lunch, express delivery and housekeeping are low-level.

This kind of ridicule is very common on the Internet. For example, they will say that American start-ups are engaged in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, while Chinese start-ups are trying to find ways to live sell goods and make funny stories.

Lets not say that this statement is wrong. There are a large number of start-ups in China developing high technology. To say the least, whether they engage in artificial intelligence or big data, they are essentially benefiting the people. How can we make people eat better food faster and buy more cost-effective goods with less money?

Miss Lian Yue said well:

Some people earn a lot in the market, but they dont meet your high-end standards. Dont you get angry? If so, you dont have market thinking.

The normal market thinking is: as long as you are good at meeting the needs of the market, it proves that you are high-end. The more low-tech breakthrough, the more unique your vision. What everyone can do, you are the first to do, you are the best to do, of course, prove that you are super powerful.

There is only one standard for talents, and self-reliance is talents. Its a talent to let the rocket go to the sky, and its also a talent to let the toilet not be blocked. Theres an ecological balance in nature, as well as in human society. Everyone has his own value in the world.

Whats more, no matter what work we do, regardless of the grand idea of building a successful career, we are not all trying to earn some money to support our family. Never forget that your original intention is to make money. Instead, there are so many unexplained moral superiority attached to the matter of making money. On the contrary, it is inferior.


For those who want to make good money, I have these suggestions:

1. Never think about muddling along. Making money is essentially a competition for wealth. If you dont advance, you will fall back. Even if you stay where you are, you will lose. In the future, the competition will be more intense, and it will be all over the industry and all fields.

2. Chinas economy is bound to continue to upgrade its industrial structure, and there will be more and more highly educated talents in all walks of life in the future. Competition is bound to be more intense, and people who learn fast and adapt well will be more popular.