In Shenzhen, how to set up a stall to enter 5W every month?

 In Shenzhen, how to set up a stall to enter 5W every month?

As soon as Xiao Zhang arrived at the stall, all the owners of the stall looked at him and laughed. Some of them cried, Xiao Zhang, is there no flower yet? He didnt answer.

You must have been fired from the company, and now you cant find a job! they shouted Zhang opened his eyes wide and said, how can you pollute peoples innocence in this way? Whats the innocence? I saw you were laid off by the company! Xiao Zhang blushed, and the blue tendons on his forehead burst out. He argued, can we call it cutting and Optimization for social animals? One after another, its hard to understand. People laugh at embracing the times, opening opportunities, and internal scrolls and so on.

Inside and outside the stall was filled with happy air.

Editor: Li, Zhao, Huang, he, Chen and Zhuang who will set up a stall and sell the story

Design: Tutu, which is going to set up a shoulder neck massage stall for a long time, Baiwu, which cant even afford Wuling Hongguang, sweet potato, which is selling snacks and groceries in the front stall, and lynx cat, which has been setting up a stall all the time

Tribute: Kong Yiji