Yao Xiaohua fights in secret! Cbavs NBA, who can seize the opportunity to land in the battle of returning to work?

 Yao Xiaohua fights in secret! Cbavs NBA, who can seize the opportunity to land in the battle of returning to work?

It is worth mentioning that CBA, as the first large-scale sports event in China, will have a great reference to the Chinese Super League and other leagues. The detailed guidance Yao Ming seeks from academician Zhong Nanshan will also be improved to all aspects of CBA. During the epidemic prevention and control period, a large number of recreational and sports activities were suspended, and people had a natural demand for collective entertainment. CBA finally decided to resume the competition after being careful. There is no doubt that CBA will play the clarion call of life normalization, becoming a sign for Chinese people to completely get rid of the impact of the epidemic.

But for the NBA, the first consideration of the rematch is not safety. As we all know, NBA is a capital led Business League. At this time, NBA cant wait to announce the rematch, which means that NBA is facing the pressure of capital. If the game is resumed later, not to mention this season is affected, even next season may not be completed smoothly. NBA cant accept the result of this seasons total abandonment, so it can only be beaten and snored, pretending not to see the epidemic in the United States Serious. In the atmosphere of Trumps suggestion to return to work nationwide, we should choose an emergency plan to gather all invited teams to a closed stadium to complete the final two and a half months of the game.

However, although the NBA is more adventurous than CBA in terms of macro strategy, the regulations of NBA are obviously more detailed than CBA in terms of micro tactics.

In the playoffs, CBAs schedule is significantly reduced: the 12-in-8 and 8-in-4 playoffs adopt the rule of deciding the outcome, while the semi-finals and the finals are set to the three game two win system. That is to say, according to the schedule announced by CBA at present, the rest of the season can be completed completely in the first month.

From this point of view, CBA can successfully end the 2019-20 regular season, but the playoffs are a little sloppy. The reason for the final decision is probably that on the one hand, the prevention and control of the epidemic is safe and quick; on the other hand, it is also the difficulty CBA is facing at this time. For CBA teams, the strength of foreign aid is an important factor in determining the strength of the team, while some teams are facing the situation that the core foreign aid cannot return to the team. In the rematch competition, the strength of some teams is inevitable There will be big fluctuations, maybe some teams have different strengths before and after the season.

Dont go back to CBA like Hudson. He was even arrested in the United States

But for the NBA, its a different story. During this period of NBA suspension, the league management, the owners camp, the players camp, the coaches Union and the referees Union held numerous conference calls to discuss the replay plan. Before the announcement of the second round plan of the 22 teams, the League initially put forward four plans, namely:

16 teams play directly in the playoffs;

2. 20 teams have decided to be the top 8 and the champion in the Olympic Games;

3.22 teams play regular season first, then playoffs (the first version of the current final plan);

4.30 teams play 72 regular season games at the same time, and then play playoffs normally.

Finally, in multiple rounds of meetings, 16 teams and 30 teams were rejected first, while 20 teams were abandoned because most teams were not used to the schedule of the Olympic Games. At present, Xiao Huas proposal is an improved version of the 22 team plan: the League invites the teams currently ranked in the top eight in the East and West, as well as six teams (five in the West and one in the East) within six games of the first eight wins. Each team will have about eight regular season games, and finally get the East and West rankings, and enter the complete playoffs based on this ranking. If the 8th team is more than 4 games ahead of the 9th team, then the 8th team will directly enter the playoffs; if the results of the 8th team and the 9th team are less than 4 games different, then there will be an additional game between the two teams - the 8th team will win one promotion and the 9th team will need to win two.

In short, compared with CBAs idea of sacrificing playoffs to ensure regular season games, NBA believes that, in any case, the process of winning the championship (playoffs) cannot be reduced. Because they are more inclined to make the regular season shrink significantly to ensure the playoffs, all kinds of detailed schedule are completed around this core.

From this point of view, NBA teams and players still attach great importance to the playoffs. They have rejected all suggestions about the playoffs shrinkage and scuffle in order to ensure the quality of the playoffs. This is also a historical tradition. The championship teams in 1998-99 and 2011-12 seasons have never been treated differently by the authorities, because although they are often The rules have shrunk, but the playoffs have come to a close.

Of course, this years playoffs are bound to be different: every team comes to the neutral field, there is no familiar home floor, no familiar home fans shouting, and the so-called home advantage no longer exists. The home advantage that the league can provide now only lies in that teams with stronger record prefer to choose castles and hotels at Disney. Teams with better record may live a little better than other teams?

NBA also stressed that after the game, players need to go back to their respective hotels to take a bath immediately, and they are not allowed to stay in the stadium, while the players and management who are not activated should also go to the stands to watch the game and not touch the team on the sidelines. Perhaps this way has taken care of the wishes of most fans and team players. The only pity is that a legendary star like Carter has not been able to have a decent retirement performance.

However, no matter how serious the global sports and entertainment suck is, (before the FIBA official website has even started broadcasting the League finals in Taiwan), the two alliances beheading of landing the fans market has already started. As for whether the CBA in China can take advantage of the weather and the advantage of the local environment, we will have to lose our strength in the NBA League.