Xiong Ling: narcissistic face!!!

 Xiong Ling: narcissistic face!!!

Narcissistic morbid, that face is gray, very cold very hard. It must be fully loved and taken care of in order to be well received, or it will aggravate the disease, which shows that it is cold to everyone, or angry.

If the original intention of narcissism is to ask for love and appreciation, then what hurt narcissism must be that the original intention of narcissism has been seamed unfortunately: either it has exposed the bad, or it has been denied.

It can be said that narcissism, a face obsessed with face, is extremely smooth, weak and sensitive. It sticks to good addiction and repels bad.

Because narcissism is afraid of bad or ugly, it needs special nourishment: recognition, approval, tolerance, even unconditional acceptance and tolerance of others, especially authority figures, or close lovers.

Morbid narcissism is very violent. It will never tolerate its own bad. If it is defined as bad by others, it will definitely fight back with fury. If it is bad because of its own mistakes, it will definitely punish itself with guilt, self blame and self hatred.

Therefore, the disguising of self defects by narcissists is almost his ability to master them easily, while the resistance to others exposing self defects is almost his important mission But its a very hard mission. Because shortcomings are like human feces. Although they stink, they must exist, but resistance itself is a weapon to kill itself.

But sometimes, the frustration of narcissism is so sudden.

If the starting point of all problems is needs and needs, and the mechanism of relationship interaction is projective identification, then the initiator who really hurts our feelings is self narcissistic needs. We often neglect that the self-image of others is projected by us, while the self-image of ourselves is projected by others, and we identify or deny it.

What kind of self-image did AI and Xuan project to each other?

There is a book called the essence of the heart, in which a short dialogue is very incisive: K: why am I hurt? Because you said something to me that didnt sound right. Because I have an image of myself as a great person, but you come and tell me: dont be so stupid! So I got hurt. What in the world has been hurt? Krishnamurti: its my image of myself.

It is our deep narcissistic need to maintain these good intentions.

But the maintenance of this image for the narcissistic is related to others. If someone gives a direct or indirect negation, it will definitely feel the collapse of being attacked, so-called narcissistic rage. Xuanxuans fury mentioned above is the result of her self good intention image destroyed by AIs bad symbolic image.

It is the most difficult thing in the world to rely on others evaluation for cooperation. No wonder, narcissists like Xuan are easy to get hurt.

Normal narcissistic needs are not related to others. Because the narcissistic face is very flexible, we can accept praise or rejection from others. What kind of image do they hold in their hearts?

Others are mirrors of themselves. Is the self-image you hold reflected through other peoples mirror, positive or distorted? Is it a good feeling or hurt?

Narcissism can be permanent or changeable. If you really want to know and explore yourself, you should be grateful for others (mirrors) in the relationship, and use them to find your true self.