Looking up is poetry and distance, looking down is fireworks: the waste products that this master of Arts and crafts touched have become art

 Looking up is poetry and distance, looking down is fireworks: the waste products that this master of Arts and crafts touched have become art


Follow family instructions,

To be a real art inheritor

The room is elegant, but the painting and calligraphy are natural. when you walk into the old mans house in Heping District, Tianjin, its like walking into an art palace.

The framed banner with two generations of elite is particularly striking. This is a book written by Mr. Wu Yuru, a contemporary Chinese scholar and calligrapher, for fan Dexiang and his father.

These are all words of praise from famous calligraphers. I hang them up to inspire myself. Fan said modestly.

On the bookcase on one side of the living room is another scene:

Two strings of candied haws make people salivate. A closer look shows that they are made of several red buttons;

A pair of exquisite table tennis rackets are pasted with paper shells and cloth heads;

Its called the house of bliss . Its a good moral. Fan Dexiangs wife Liu Jun said with a smile.

People around me say that my life is environmentally friendly and low-carbon. In fact, I just inherited my family style. My father told me from an early age that things cant be damaged and things can be used to the best of their ability.. A thing cannot be damaged means that everything that can become an object cannot be damaged. Sometimes its useless to see a small thing, but you can reuse it just by using your brain. Make the best of everything, and make the best of peoples talents, that is to say, all kinds of things should be used as much as possible where they can be used; everyone should also give full play to his own talents, so as to live up to his life. These two sentences are not only used for mounting pictures, but also reflected in all aspects of life. Ive been asking for myself and affecting my family.

When it comes to family style, fan Dexiang talks.

Fan Dexiang, 73, was born in a family of mounting.

His father, fan Dianyuan, is a famous mounting teacher in Jinmen. He renovated calligraphy and painting for Puyi, the last emperor of China, and set up a painting exhibition for Zhang Daqian, the master of traditional Chinese painting. Mr. Daqian wrote a plaque of Yilan Pavilion for him. His mounting art achievements were included in Tianjin Tongzhi culture and art history.

Father left a set of rulers to fan Dexiang and said to him:

There are five martial brothers. Your master only left this set of rulers to me. He knows that only I can inherit this skill. Now I leave it to you.

Fan Dexiang knew the weight of the ruler, which carried his fathers great hopes.

This set of irregular ruler is only the size of palm and has a history of hundreds of years. It is a special tool for mounting.

And Liu Juns vigorous posture on the basketball court also made fan Dexiang heartthrob.

Fans life is very quiet, either mounting calligraphy and painting or reading and writing. From Liu Jun, he felt a kind of vigorous vitality.

In her spare time, she accompanied him to read and write, and he accompanied her to play ball.

A move and a silence complement each other.

Two years later, they went into the palace of marriage.

In 1984, fan Dexiang suddenly received a mounting task from the Tianjin police area.

This time, we need your help. For the first time in his life, van der Xiang asked his wife for help.

Is that what youre doing? Liu Jun asked with a smile.

Usually, its easy to mount your calligraphy and paintings. I didnt expect such trouble! Liu Jun exclaimed as he was busy.

Why do you like to mount calligraphy and paintings when they are so cumbersome? Liu Jun couldnt help being curious.

You dont understand that! Mounting is a traditional culture, as early as the Wei and Jin Dynasties, there was mounting technology, and now has a history of more than 1700 years. Famous calligraphy and painting is the wisdom crystallization of the Chinese nation, and mounting can reinforce and beautify the calligraphy and painting, not only can provide better viewing effect, but also is conducive to the long-term preservation of art. Is my job meaningful?

Fan Dexiang replied proudly.

Liu Jun did not dare to slack off at all and began to be an assistant seriously.

Only later did fan know that one of his works was a birthday present for a chief.

The chief sent him a message: an old man with great ambition.

It turned out that the chief thought that these works were framed by his father. Unexpectedly, fan Dexiang had such superb skills when he was young.

Once, an old man found fan Dexiangs family with a box in his hands, trembling, please help the life of this ink treasure!

Fan Dexiang opened the box, which was the calligraphy work of Pan Zuyin in Qing Dynasty, and it was fragmented.

Take it two months later! Seeing fan Dexiangs promise, the old man was grateful and bowed to each other.

After the old man left, Liu Jun asked anxiously, they are too broken to pick up. Can you fix them?

Only those with high skills, arts and virtues can bear the responsibility of repairing the ancient painting and calligraphy.


Inheriting fine family style

His father left him not only the knowledge of mounting technology, but also the philosophy of life.

When he was a child, his father used the leftover bits and pieces of framed calligraphy and paintings to play the trumpet for him. Fan Dexiang always remembered this childhood story vividly and felt a strong fathers love from it.

After her daughter fan Rong was born, he also made all kinds of small toys for her with scraps, which made her have a happy childhood.

Under the influence of her father, fan Rong has memorized the four words make the best use of everything since she was a child. Before throwing away the waste products, she always thought: if this thing is transformed, will it be useful?

She doesnt buy anything she can make by herself.

The students all bought plastic book covers, but she picked up the leftover materials from her fathers mounting, cut and paste them. The hand-made book covers are strong and beautiful.

When his daughter got married, Fan Dexiang made happy words and red envelopes for her.

Fan Rong hoped that his father would speak at the wedding, and printed five speeches for him to refer to from the Internet. Fan Dexiang looked at them and threw them aside.

At his daughters wedding, fan said:

After marriage, both husband and wife choose bus or subway for travel, and bring their own environmental protection bags for shopping.

When she went back to her mothers house, she not only brought gifts to her parents, but also some waste products.

What are you doing with these things back home? Li Jianjie felt that these gifts were out of hand.

But fan Rong said, Ill bet you, dad is happier to see the waste products than to see the gifts!

Li Jianjie had to carry a large bag for her.

As expected, when he got home, fan Dexiang saw the gifts in his son-in-laws hands and complained about their spending. Fan Rong quickly handed over a cloth bag and said mischievously, Im sure you like it!

Fan Dexiang opened it and saw that there were large and small express cartons, as well as colorful gift silk.

Thats right. My daughter did it! He thumbed up to his daughter.

Li Jianjie nodded: later, I will learn how to turn waste into treasure from my father!

Good! Fan Dexiang promised happily.

Later, he gave his daughters son-in-law a set of cards and a monthly ticket holder as a gift in return. The two rectangular ferrules are engraved with golden dragon and Phoenix respectively, and there is a lovely rabbit on the monthly ticket holder.

Its beautiful, Dads bothered! Two simple gifts make fan Rong feel extremely warm, because her genitals are rabbits.

It turns out that the rest of Liu Juns cloth head was also used by fan Dexiang. He straightened the wire on the old calendar and tied up the cloth strips to make the mop strong and easy to use.

The mounting masters of Arts and crafts have become the masters of turning waste into treasure. Fan Dexiang has made thousands of life crafts with various waste materials.

In December 2015, his family was named scientific and civilized family by Tianjin Association of science and technology.

Fan Dexiang is obsessed with mounting art and low-carbon environmental protection, but he is indifferent to fame and wealth.

Many people think he is too stupid.

Puzuo, a cousin and painter of Puyi, the last emperor, was moved by his stupidity and gladly wrote a stupidity to fill the pool.

Fan Dexiang is like a treasure. After being mounted, it is placed in an eye-catching place in the room. He is proud of his infatuation.


Enter the school,

To make the best of ones ability

Because he has been dealing with painting and calligraphy all the year round, fan Dexiang reads a lot and likes reading very much.

Under his leadership, every weekend, the whole family spent in the sound of Lang Langs reading, and the family reading association persisted for 30 years.

In addition to reading, fan Dexiang has deep attainments in painting and calligraphy. In his spare time, he can teach two grandsons to write and draw.

I want to write! I want to draw!

As soon as they entered the house, the two children consciously sat at their desks.

Van der Cheung always took out old newspapers and asked them to dip in water to write and draw on them.

After two grandsons finished writing the paper, he was still reluctant to throw it away. He practiced writing on it again. He didnt sell the paper until it was really useless.

Fan Dexiang not only influenced his family with his words and deeds, but also went to the lecture hall of folk manual class to carry forward Chinese traditional culture.

After retiring, he gave lectures all over the country, and also gave remote lectures to the Ministry of education to let more children know about traditional art.

In order to show the charm of Chinese traditional culture and make it easy for people to accept, fan decided to start with the most simple cut of happy characters.

Draw inferences from one instance, expand thinking, its not difficult to do things, its difficult not to do things.

He first wrote these words on the blackboard, telling everyone to open up their minds and not to be afraid of trouble. Everyone can learn them well.

You dont need to buy paper-cut specially. You can also cut happy characters with waste paper.

To encourage the students, he invited them to visit his home.

On the wall of fan Dexiangs family hall, there is a picture of a hundred characters:

The green rectangular paper shows the red Fang Shuangxi. The word 2001 can be seen faintly in the double happiness. Under the word Xinmao, there is a lovely rabbit. Under the Yellow bars with different lengths, the peony flowers cover it

The students cant help but marvel at the colorful and different shapes of the happy characters made of the materials such as the flower cloth head, brocade and the remaining flower silk.

Teacher fan deserves to be a master. Waste products can also be made into handicrafts!

I feel useless after retirement. There are so many things I can do!

The students felt a lot when they saw fan Dexiangs works, and the retired old comrades even rekindled the passion of life.

Some students take their children to study in van der Cheungs home, and their parents see their childrens changes.

In the past, the book was thrown away before it was used up. Now it is full of words on both sides.

Mother asked her why, she said: Grandpa Fan said, to make the best of everything, I will use it to practice paper cutting!

The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul calls another soul.

In May 2019, the fandexiang family became the most beautiful family in the country.

Now, in addition to reading, practicing calligraphy, mounting painting and making crafts, he goes out to give lectures every week. He hopes to influence more people with his actions.

He and his family have made the most of their lives.