Story, abstract, fox play

 Story, abstract, fox play

The family, who do not farm or farm, stroll out in fine weather and sit or lie in the sun on the stone drum. The villagers are full of doubts.

Whats more surprising is that the family often rehearses grand operas on the stage of stone drum by moonlight.

The moon is shining on his head, and the stars are nodding. A dozen men and women of this family went to the battle, all of them with bright helmets. Cleavage, babbling, singing, reading and fighting are all first-class Kung Fu. Surprised, the villagers came to watch and found that the family had all assigned roles except the old master, or Mu Guiying, she Taijun, or Meng Liang, Jiao Zan, Zhang long, Zhao Hu.

After arranging a play, the family chose a clear and bright night to officially report performance for the villagers, many people came to watch. No matter what kind of play, the main actor is Xiaocui. Xiao Cui calls her old master Grandpa, who is twenty-eight years old. She has a beautiful autumn wave and a shallow peach blossom cheek. The villagers are fascinated.

Sometimes acting, actors do not know which skirt suddenly exposed a red broom tail. The old mans face changed color. The actor hurriedly covered it up and panicked. At this time, the villagers began to doubt: these people, are not fox?

When the family lost their temper, their costumes were not allowed to be touched. If anyone wanted to touch them, their faces would change.

The fox fairy who sang the opera attracted a childe named Tang. Mr. Tang was brought by Uncle a. Uncle a is from Yesanpo. For the first time, Prince Tang was fascinated by Xiaocui. He whispered to uncle a, its Fox fairy. Beautiful and extraordinary people can be compared.

As long as the night is bright with moonlight, Mr. Tang will wait for the fox fairy to play in front of the stone drum cave. As soon as Xiaocui comes out, the eyes of Childe Tang will not leave her, but there is a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. It was on July, when the wind blew, that Prince Tang set up his tent and set up his camp not far from shigudong.

The son of Tang lies on the bamboo mat and looks at the stars and rivers in the sky.

In a flash, half a month. Childe Tang doesnt believe in evil - where are the gods and ghosts in the world?

This day, Prince Tang decided to go to the cave to find out. Knocking three times, Xiao Cui, who opened the door, saw Mr. Tang and smiled. Young master Tang followed her into the cave. There are several pines in the cave, as bright as day. Looking around, the cave is divided into inner and outer rooms, and the middle curtain is soft. There is a new decoration in the cave, with all kinds of furnishings, rattan chairs, stone benches, animal skins of various colors, and tea tables with exquisite porcelain. The old master was sitting on a rattan chair drinking tea. Seeing Mr. Tang, he politely stood up and gave up his seat. Xiaocui gives a squat ceremony to the Tang childe and returns to the inner room with a smile. Childe Tang looked around casually and chatted with the old man. At this time, there was a faint voice from the inner room. Childe Tang pricked up his ears and heard off and on the jade faced man Jade Emperor Hu Daxian...... Such words, the corner of the mouth then hung the imperceptible smile, and then stood up to leave.

When Tang Gongzi got up to leave, he did not forget to take advantage of the old masters inattention and secretly pull down a bead on the Phoenix crown and Xiapu at the corner of the wall.

Go back and have a closer look. The bead is a real one with excellent quality.

He thought that all the costumes of the family should be made of real gold and silver.

Dont believe in evil Tang childe is really a kind of love. At this time, he really hopes Xiaocui is a fox fairy, a beautiful fox fairy who can only meet with him on a moonlit night.

He fantasized about the affair with the fox fairy, and soon the chance came.

That night, when the moon was full, Prince Tang cooked his tea, spread out his chessboard, and prepared to play chess to relieve his boredom. Suddenly, he heard the sound of small steps, which he was familiar with.

Its really Xiaocui.

Where and where! said Mr. Tang

After entering the tent, they had tea and played chess. Tea is green with bamboo leaves and green shoots. Then hand talk, chessmen click on the chessboard, the heart is also hit by the click out of a spring.

Every three to five, they will meet in private.

That night, the stars and the moon were shining, and the mountain wind was howling. At this time, uncle ran quickly: the moon is black and the wind is high, be careful! Young master Tang hesitated, and finally picked up his sword and hurried out of the tent with Uncle a. They hid behind the stone. In the middle of the night, the gate of the stone drum cave opened slowly. One person came out, looked around and waved. A group of people were carrying loads and carrying boxes and began to rush out. Xiaocui is the last one to come out. She hesitates.

Master Tangs sword hand was shaking.

Uncle pointed out the group of people and urged them over and over: its too far away to start again! Uncle saw that he didnt mean to start, and slipped away quietly.

Young master Tang opened his tigers eyes, took out his sword in a hurry, and threw it forward. The sharp sword went straight to uncle, the informer who had been following him for more than ten years.

Laiyang countys most famous constable, Tang Gongzi, enters the beautiful dream he weaves, but he cant wake up.